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Re-Grading All 30 MLB Teams on the 2009 MLB Draft

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Re-Grading All 30 MLB Teams on the 2009 MLB Draft

The 2009 MLB draft will be remembered as the time that the Washington Nationals selected Stephen Strasburg with the No. 1 overall pick and when the Los Angeles Angels landed Mike Trout with the No. 25 selection.

In the end, though, it was neither the Nationals nor the Angels who walked away from that draft with the most impressive collection of talent.

The 2009 draft occurred almost five years ago, which makes now an ideal time to go back and re-grade all 30 MLB teams on their selections. The grading is based on the amount of big league production each team has received from its respective draft class.

That means teams get credit for draft picks who were ultimately traded away in exchange for major league players. Plus, teams get downgraded for early-round picks who have turned into busts—at least for now.

The list begins with the teams that graded out the lowest and ends with the clubs that received the highest grades of all.

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