2020 fantasy football tips

Fantasy Football Tips: Your Fantasy Team vs Your Favorite Team

Which team takes precedent for you? Your fantasy team or your favorite team? Do you bench your players if they’re going up against your favorite team so you don’t have to root for your favorite team’s opponent? Also, do you load up on your favorite team’s players or avoid those who play for a rival? These are issues millions of fantasy owners and football fans struggle with each season.

Do you not draft players from your favorite team’s archrival?

You need to be able to separate fantasy football and real life. However, many fantasy owners can’t; their hatred runs too deep.

We’ve seen it all before. The Packers fan who drafts Aaron Rodgers way too early. I play in a league where one of the owners is a New York Jets fan and he refuses to draft anyone from the New England Patriots. We’ve been in a league together for more than a decade, and he will not waver from his stance for any reason. I’ve also played with a New York Giants fan who wouldn’t draft any player from another NFC East team. This is not a rare occurrence. However, as a fantasy owner, it’s imperative to draft the best players available and to start them in your lineups, even if it makes you sick to your stomach. Every player has value, regardless of their jersey color. Would you sabotage a game of checkers because your favorite color is red?

Do you bench your fantasy players when they face your favorite team?

The correct answer is no.

First and foremost, superstitions aren’t real, they are idiotic irrational practices. I promise you, benching a player on your fantasy team will not change the outcome of your NFL team’s game. Neither will your unshaven face, dirty underwear or favorite beer coozy. Why spite yourself and take a double hit when your favorite team’s terrible defense gives up 55 points?

You don’t have to root for a player against your team, but unequivocally start them if the matchup is right. This is strictly a numbers game; play the guy who will earn you the most points. How does starting some loser running back in place of your star help anything?

Do not overdraft players on your favorite team!

There is no question here, only an order. It is crucial that you don’t overvalue players on your favorite team. I once saw a Saints fan draft Drew Brees with the first pick. No offense to Saints fans or Drew Brees himself for that matter but he’s no first-round pick, let alone the first pick in a fantasy draft!

Regardless of whom the player is, you must draft with your head, not your heart. Don’t even play if you’re not going to take it seriously! Even worse is if you fill up your roster with the players from your favorite team. Even if your favorite team is awesome this year, don’t put your eggs all in one basket. This isn’t a great way to win fantasy titles.

Whom do you root for?

I saved the most important question for last. You root for your favorite team. You always root for your favorite team. Every game counts and you should enjoy it how you see fit. If I have a quarterback starting against my favorite team, I won’t bench him—unless the matchup calls for it. Other than that, my heart is always with my NFL team, and true fans should have the same affection!

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