203 nba draft

Top Ten Best Prospects in the 2019 NBA Draft

The Top Ten Best Prospects in the 2019 NBA Draft

Yes but his career may be ended by injuries.

This guy can jump out of the gym. He is probably the best dunkers we have ever seen come out of college. He has the strength to post up a lot of smaller players and the speed to beat bigger players. If Zion can develop his shot he could be a superstar. – 2storm

At least number 2

I think he’s the clear #1 pick – Randomator

This guy’s is amazing. He is a all-around player and his shot is smooth. He can do anything and and is projected to go first. He is built a lot like T-Mac who is one of the best players ever. If I was a GM of a team I would be looking into this guy. – 2storm

Saw him play in a recap today he is awesome C good luck

Bruh didn’t this guy come out of nowhere. – 2storm

Son of the late Manute Bol. He is an amazing defensive prospect and has a really good shot. According to NBA Draft Room he is 7-2 so he could easily move to his dad’s height of 7-7. He also has a good shot which could translate very well. The one thing that could hurt Bol is he is very skinny. Hopefully that improves. – 2storm

Reddish is a very good player that could become a James Harden type player. He is also tall for a SG. Reddish has the potential to be a really good defender combined with his scoring instinct and his athleticism he could be a great two-way player. – 2storm

Nassir is a fast rising prospect and he is really good physically. He has amazing potential and shows flashes of greatness. He is quickly developing a shot. The only thing is he is raw. So it just depends he can turn his natural talent to pure skill. – 2storm

His is a really good athlete and high level defensive player. He has the potential to turn into a Khawi Leonard type player. – 2storm

An elite point guard. He will definitely be top 10 maybe even top 5 – 2storm

The Contenders

Langford is a great scorer that can really be something in the NBA. He reminds me a lot of a more efficient and passer Devin Booker. He is the model of a efficient player and that goes a long way in the NBA. – 2storm

Johnson is a great shooter and could turn into a Bradley Beal or Devin Booker. The only thing that I don’t like about Keldon is his athleticism and his defense. He could end up being a weak link Defensively. His Athleticism could be made for with his Handling Ability. – 2storm

I really like Moses. I think he is extremely underrated and he has a lot of Skill and raw talent for the center position. If he grows he could become something great. – 2storm

Yeah he needs to be top 5 – 2storm

A great point guard. He has a very good shot and he has good passing and ball handling. He could be a great all around point. – 2storm

Trash like lavar Ball

Another very versatile quick small forward. He is a very good defensive player. He is not a good shooter and will need to develop a shot. – 2storm

Goat of the goats

The brother of Michael Porter Jr. He should be a great floor spacer and good all-around player. – 2storm

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