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5dimes has everything you could possibly want in an online casino and more. It was first established in San Jose, Costa Rica, in November 1996. Since then, 5Dimes brought online gambling to a whole new level, putting a virtual Las Vegas casino, right in the homes of many satisfied online players, as well as, to the palms of their member’s hands with 5dimes mobile.

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5dimes Mobile App

Now, members could play their favorite casino games on the 5dimes app and take their gaming experience along with them anywhere they go! And, there are so many games to choose from, like slots, poker, blackjack, bingo, roulette, Baccarat, Craps, etc., to keep anyone constantly entertained.

Fans Love Five Dimes

Because of the many benefits and services that Five dimes offer its customers, many of them have become extremely loyal fans of the casino, claiming, they wouldn’t dream of playing anywhere else. Maybe that’s why they call it, “the Golden Standard of Online Gaming”?

Get Started Now

To get started right away, create an account, and then you can either play in one of the online casinos or download whichever version seems lucky for you. Be sure and check out the offers page first for some serious promotions and bonuses, made especially for members to get a little more bang for their buck!

Getting Help and Support in 5Dimes

If you should ever need any help while visiting five dimes, just go to the help center where you will find basically all the help you need, including, faq’s, email address for support, live support where you can talk to a real live agent any time and more.

The 5dimes Sportsbook

What many of its members like most about the casino, is the 5dimes sportsbook where they offer the largest variety of sports events in the world, many wagering type choices, different options for in-game betting and even additional ways to wager. What’s more, at 5dimes sportsbook, you can bet on events that you would never expect to be able to wager on such as European water polo.

5Dimes Casino Times Three

When visiting 5dimes you can test the waters before diving in, with the “Play-for-fun” option that allows you to try the games out before actually betting on them (no account needed). And, not only will you have your choice of games, but also you can choose between not one, not two, but three casinos’ to play in. So, if you don’t feel lucky at one casino, hop on over to the next and try your luck there.

  • Jackpot Casino
  • Bonus Casino
  • Grand Casino

5Dimes Vegas Live Dealer Casino

Want to mingle, make new friends, or just chit-chat, while trying your luck at the most amazing games available? Then head on down to the 5Dimes Vegas Live Dealer Casino, where you are always welcomed to join in and play some serious live casino games, with some of the best, professional dealers in the world. They are open 24 hours a day for your convenience. Some of the live games available for your playing pleasure are:

  • 8 different Live Blackjack games to choose from
  • Live Baccarat
  • Live Roulette
  • Craps
  • Several video poker games
  • Over 90 of the best, unique slot games
  • And more

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