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Philadelphia 76ers: How many 2020 draft picks should they keep?

The Philadelphia 76ers are projected to have five picks in this upcoming draft, but how many do they actually use this year?

The coronavirus outbreak has made what happens to the NBA season still up in the air. However, if the regular-season standings stay as they are, the Philadelphia 76ers will have five picks in the 2020 NBA draft. That’s way too many for a team contending for a title, so the question becomes, how many of them should they end up using?

Based on Tankaton projections, the Sixers will have the 22nd pick, 34th pick, 36th, 49th pick, and 59th pick. If 76ers general manager Elton Brand holds to the strategy that he had in the last draft where he also had five picks entering the draft, then Philly would only come away with two picks this year. Working under that parameter, there’s a way for Brand to convert five picks into two.

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