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2019 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: Strategy for picking No. 9 overall in PPR leagues

If you’re in the back of the draft, it’s easy to go heavy on wide receiver. Jamey Eisenberg shows you how to approach that kind of build with the No. 9 overall pick.

Fantasy managers seem to lament picking in the middle of the first round from No. 5 through No. 9, which is understandable. You’re stuck waiting for things to happen, and that’s usually not fun. But of the three teams I built in our pick-by-pick series, this one at No. 9 overall is my favorite. I love how this roster came together.

We each built three of the 12 teams in this 15-round PPR mock draft to show you a different strategy from each spot. It’s a three-receiver league, and I was able to land three standout receivers with Davante Adams, Robert Woods and Tyler Lockett with three of my first four picks.

Along with that trio, I also got Le’Veon Bell in Round 2. And the rest of my team was some of my favorite players for 2019.

Here’s my team from No. 9 overall:

In a three-receiver league, especially picking at this spot, it’s easy to start your team with a receiver. When it was my turn, DeAndre Hopkins, JuJu Smith-Schuster and Odell Beckham were off the board, but I like Adams better than all of them anyway. He’s my No. 1 receiver in 2019.

I don’t want to draft Bell in the first round because I don’t expect him to be the same dominant running back he was with the Steelers now that he’s with the Jets, but I’ll gamble on him in Round 2. The only other player I considered there was Mike Evans, but I felt like Bell was a better pick after drafting Adams in Round 1.

My next two picks really solidified this roster as having the chance to be great. Woods and Lockett are top 20 receivers in any format, with Woods slightly better in PPR. But don’t be surprised when Lockett has a breakout season with career highs in catches and yards, and hopefully he can score double digits in touchdowns again.

I was still able to get quality running back depth behind Bell with Mongtomery, Mack, Guice and Hines. Montgomery and Mack are starters since we use a flex spot, and Guice could be a steal in Round 8 if he dominates touches for Washington this year.

I waited on tight end and quarterback with Walker and Winston, and both have the chance to be excellent Fantasy options this year. And I also like my reserve receivers a lot in Jones, Allison, Goodwin and Samuel. Jones could also be a flex option for this roster, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Goodwin is the No. 1 receiver for the 49ers this year.

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