Aaron rodgers draft pick

2007: Aaron Rodgers is traded to the Raiders for Randy Moss.

This one may have been more of a rumor than anything else. But it was apparently serious enough that Deadspin did an article on the matter in 2007 titled “We Repeat: Please Let the Moss Trade Happen,” in which it said that a Moss-Rodgers trade was imminent, citing a Boston Herald report. At this time, Rodgers was Brett Favre’s backup, and the Packers lacked an elite receiver.

According to former Packers exec Andrew Brandt, Moss was indeed almost a Packer. From a 2012 ESPN article:

In 2007, the Raiders made Randy Moss available. We were interested provided we could agree on trade terms and compensation. The Patriots were interested, too.

Moss demanded a one-year deal so he could hit the market after the season and recoup some lost value, but we insisted on a two-year deal. We did not want to be a temporary stop for him before he made another big contract elsewhere. When New England relented on the one-year term, Moss was a Patriot.

The Pats eventually acquired Moss for a fourth-round pick, so it seems unlikely that it would have required a former first-rounder like Rodgers to finish the deal. Green Bay made a huge mistake by not giving in to Moss’ demands; the Packers made it all the way to the NFC Championship game in 2007 without Moss. Imagine what they could have done with Moss.

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