Al jazeera cricket documentary

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Cricket’s Match Fixers l Al Jazeera Investigations

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Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit exposes the global scale of match-fixing in cricket.

Our undercover investigation reveals how criminal gangs bribe players and officials to fix matches and parts of matches – and make millions from betting on guaranteed outcomes.

In secretly filmed meetings, we expose criminals who target the fast-growing Twenty20 tournaments and Test matches, the highest level of the international game.

We film international players agreeing to fix matches and show how spot-fixes appear to have been carried out at Test matches involving some of the world’s leading teams.

The 18-month investigation also reveals how a head groundsman was paid by criminals to doctor the pitch for two Test matches, allowing them to control and bet heavily on the result.

And we expose detailed plans to set up a Twenty20 cricket tournament, involving former international players, purely for the purpose of match-fixing.

Since this documentary was completed, Jeevantha Kulatunga has contacted Al Jazeera.

He denies any involvement in match-fixing and says Al Jazeera’s allegations are “false” and had been “deliberately used to tarnish my image and reputation as a cricketer and coach”.

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