All star sports bets

All star sports bets

Hello and welcome to our website! The All Star Bets gambling guide is your one stop to find all the best, US friendly betting and gambling apps for players based in the United States. We Americans love to gamble and what better way than on the convenience of your smartphone, mobile and cell. We have been waiting patiently for many years to be able to wager legally, play on casino games for real money, sit at a virtual poker table and win some cash. Well now we can! Keen punters have been safely using offshore bookies for many years to place bets and play casino online. Changes in laws and regulations now mean that you can also legally gamble in several states across the USA using onshore bookmakers too. So depending on where in the United States you live, you have a choice if you do want to gamble with real money.

Americans have always loved to gamble, that is why Las Vegas is so popular. But, until recently, we have been limited to how we can do it. Now legalized bookmakers are available in several states and what better way to bet that on your cell and mobile phone. Gambling apps are the most convenient and fastest way to bet. With so much choice now coming to the market, how do you know what is good? Let us help you find the best gambling apps for your mobile and tablet devices.

We cover, rate and review all gambling apps for US residents including: Sports betting apps, real money casino apps, real cash poker apps and of course, bingo apps.

The All Star Bets gambling guide takes an in depth look at, reviews and compares all of the best best gambling & wager applications from both onshore bookmakers and offshore bookmakers. What is the difference between the two? Well if you want to know more, you can read our dedicated guide – onshore vs offshore bookmakers

Is it legal to gamble in the US online and on your mobile?

This has been a grey area for many years, in fact as long as we can remember. Yes it is legal to gamble in America on your mobile, but depending on what state you are in depends on your options. If you are in one of the newer legalized states like New Jersey & Nevada, you can use an onshore bookie like DraftKings. If you are in one of the states that have not yet legalized gambling, you need to use an offshore bookie like Bovada or 5Dimes.

Why has it taken so long to start legalizing gambling in more states?

To give you a very brief history lesson……

Back on May 14, 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned a federal ban on gambling which was known as the “Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act”. This started a process clearing the way for individual states to regulate wagering within their borders. Each state could decide if they wanted to allow gambling to be legal and if they did, they could apply for this to happen. Since then, several states are now looking to join Nevada in regulating sports betting. There are still a lot of states that are yet to make this move and a lot are still considering their own legislation in the coming months. This is a massive step in the right direction for US residents. It is no easy decision to allow gambling, especially as America is so diverse and each state has their own laws and rules.

Are offshore bookmakers safe?

As long as you stick to one of the big, well respected companies then you should have no issues using an offshore bookie. All of the ones we review on our site have been tried and tested by us and we only have them on our site if we feel they offer a safe, and secure place for US players. Always go with a well known bookie and check there is the SSL lock icon in the search bar for added security. All the apps we review and have guides on hold a gambling licence. For offshore bookmakers, this won’t be a USA licence but one granted in another jurisdiction of the world such as Costa Rica or Curacao.

I live in a non legal state, what are my options?

You would need to use an offshore book like BetOnline or Bovada. Your state may be in the process of legalizing gambling but it is a very lengthy, complicated, time consuming process.

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