All today’s horse racing tips

All today’s horse racing tips

Everyone in the gaming industry from poker players to players who love horse race betting are on edge right now with the crackdown on online gambling. Depositing can be frustrating even on legal gaming sites, and some of the biggest sites are being shut down and banned. Players are losing their hard-won money as assets are seized. The first question on a bettor’s mind is whether or not this horse race betting is legal.

Is Horse Race Betting Legal?

Yes, in many states horse racing and horse race betting is legal. In Canada horse racing and horse race betting is legal in every province. The important thing to remember is that every state has different laws on gambling. Not all states allow all types of horse racing, so bettors who enjoy betting on harness racing who do not live in a state where harness racing is run must find other means. Many large tracks offer satellite feeds of other racetracks. For example, you can go to Santa Anita Racetrack and bet on horses running there, as well as bet on horses running at the Hollywood Park Racetrack.

Is Horse Race Betting Online Legal?

Parimutuel betting is offered at racetracks, off site betting parlors and even sportbooks. But with all the drama in the gambling world right now players want to be able to deposit money hassle-free, and claim their winnings without worry of government interference. Not all states allow interstate horse betting. These states will still allow the satellite feeds of other in-state tracks, however. This allows them to protect the tax revenues they receive on gambling. These states have blocked online horse betting sites. Betting can still be legal in these states, just not online or interstate satellite feeds. Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, New Jersey, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah, and Virginia all have restrictions on betting on horse races online. These laws disallow online betting even if they are betting on tracks in the same state as the bettor.

The best way to be sure if it is legal to place horse racing bets online is to check the local laws yourself. Because the gambling world is in a constant state of change it’s important to be sure you have the most up to date information. For Canada, the UK and the states who allow betting on horse races online, there’s a number of options available for horse race betting online

How do I bet on Horse Racing Online?

In the UK, The Tote is the only legal bookmaker to set parimutuel betting on horses. The Tote does run an online betting service that accepts American players, however they do not accept Canadian or French bettors. Bodog accepts bets from bettors from Canada, the US and Europe. The benefits of online horse race betting is the ability to choose from tracks worldwide, as well as bet from the comfort of your home. With the wide variety of racetracks offered bettors can find a race they’re interested in 7 days a week. Another great benefit of horse race betting online is many online racebooks offer deposit bonuses, loyalty programs or rebates, and affiliate programs where players can earn money by referring friends to play too.

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