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Soccer Betting Tips

Free Betting predictions are a fantastic way to get the inside scoop on a game without all the legwork. There are three types of projections available through Betntips. These are the most common forms of betting when it comes to soccer betting tips. Our soccer predictions and soccer tips are specially selected and calculated.

BTTS Soccer Predictions

The first is “Both Teams to Score” or BTTS predictions. BTTS predictions come in the form of yes or no.

With such an expansive market of soccer games available to place bets on, it can be difficult to know which way to bet or even what game to choose. Should you decide one close to home? Or maybe a game where you’re familiar with the team dynamics? Or maybe you just aren’t sure about the odds on a local match. We ‘re here to help you with winning soccer tips. Even with a large amount of data, it can be hard to decide how a game will go, in order to predict winning soccer tips. Maybe you second guess your choice, or maybe you just want a second opinion. Either way, Betntips has you covered.

If the answer is yes, it means both teams will score during the game. If no is the answer, then only one team will score during the match. Along with our prediction for that competition, we also offer a percentage beneath the prediction which is an indicator of how confident we are in that free betting predictions. This type of bet is perfect for those just getting into soccer betting.

Both Teams to Score

BTTS soccer betting explained.

Over 2.5 Soccer Tips

Betntips also provides over/under guess for goals recorded over 2.5. The percentage displayed is how likely we think it is that the game will end with more or less than 2.5 goals. Common sense says that no game can finish with a score of 2.5 and that’s the point. There is no push option on this type of bet. However, use our mathematically calculated daily soccer predictions, and win your soccer bets.

If three total goals are scored, that will be over 2.5. If less than three goals are scored, it will be under 2.5. This type of bet or soccer predictions is a favorite for an intermediate of advanced bettors as it does not require a significant amount of information investment.

Over 2.5 predictions table

Over Under soccer betting explained in details.

1X2 Soccer Betting Tips

The last type of prediction available is 1×2 soccer betting tips. These are meant to reflect the most accurate odds on every game. A “1” indicates the home team is winning. A “2” means the away team is winning. “X” indicates a tie. A single indicator with a percentage amount shows that it was the strongest choice. However, use all information you have in your soccer predictions.

If two signs are present, this means it was too close of a call to say for sure. The leading indicator is the one that came out on top but the second indicator was close behind statistically. These daily soccer predictions are more suited for advanced bettors who keep tabs on information for each team and closely track statistics.

1×2 soccer betting tips

1X2 Soccer bet in detail, read about double chance football betting.

Free Daily Soccer Predictions for all

Free Betting Predictions, of course, are never guaranteed. These soccer predictions are made in good faith to try and give every bettor a helping hand. Each bet must be made with all possible outcomes considered including the fact that the chance may be lost. However, after you have taken all the necessary considerations into account, Betntips will be here with predictions to help you decide on a bet.

Free soccer predictions Table

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