Arbitrage betting opportunities

Arbitrage betting opportunities

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We break arbitrage betting into a simple science. We have PDF guides, video walkthroughs & even 1-on-1 support. We also have a FB group where you can ask fellow arbers and our team any questions you have as well as picking up tips and tricks that you won’t find anywhere else.

All plans are covered by our Profit Guarantee
We offer market leading software and tools for the most profitable arbitrage betting. We’re so committed to being the best arbitrage betting service in the world, that we offer a Profit Guarantee: If you don’t make a profit in your first month, you’ll get another month for free.

Great Product! Been using the software now for three weeks and been averaging over £40 a day
Mike Boyle

​When I first came across Betslayer, I thought it was too good to be true but I am blown away. Betslayer has helped me make a profit of £800 in 14 days! So excited to see how far I can push it with the help of Betslayer. Very responsive and so helpful!
Noorul Islam

I signed up a month or so ago, confident I can make the subscription fee within a week then have 3 weeks all profit. Betslayer keeps things simple. Max is very helpful and responds quickly. Definitely give it a go.
Vicky Magnusson

New to Arbitrage Betting?

Arbitrage Betting is a great way to profit at the bookies. This cheat sheet will teach you everything you need to get started making money with arbitrage. Download the FREE Arbitrage Betting Cheat Sheet by clicking the link below.

Our service scans more than 28 bookies and 5 sports. We find and calculate surebets.
All you have to do is go to the bookmaker, place your stake and make a profit.

Frequently Asked Questions
Here are the answers to the most common questions about arbitrage betting. Especially useful if you’re a beginner.

What is arbitrage betting?
An arbitrage bet arises when bookmakers have different opinions on the outcome of a sports event. This is reflected in the odds they provide and because the odds are so far apart it means we can bet and win regardless of outcome.

How much money do I need to get started?
We recommend having at least £250 to invest in this. The reason is anything less than this and you may miss out on arbitrage opportunities because you won’t have the necessary funds in your bookmaker account to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities.

Is this legal?
Yes it’s 100% legal. As Arbers we are essentially just exploiting price differences in the betting market. Similar to what a trader does. This is therefore absolutely legal.

What does Betslayer Software do?
Betslayer makes it so you spend minutes not hours finding arb betting opportunities or sure bets. It also calculates the optimum stakes for maximum profit, it also has deep linking add to betslip technology as well as updating in real time so you never miss out on an opportunity.

How does it work?
Simple, use our software to find bets with an arbitrage opportunity.
Click the link through to the bookmaker and place your bets.

Roger Federer

Odds 1.79 / Bet £70
Wins £125.30

Andy Murray​​​​​

Odds 2.59 / Bet £50
Wins £129.50

Guaranteed Profit £5.30
(Murray Wins £125.30 – Total Stake of £120 = £5.30)
(Federer Wins £129.30 – Total Stake of £120 = £9.50)

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Betslayer takes the hassle out of arbitrage. Instead of spending hours finding arbs then calculating the right stakes for profit, we do this for you so you can place an arb in minutes not hours and be far more profitable.

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