Atlantic city casinos sports books

Atlantic City Sportsbooks

Sportsbooks in New Jersey are going to take a little bit of time to reach their full potential. But for those who have been waiting to bet on sports for decades legally, those little details probably won’t matter too much.

How will New Jersey’s sportsbooks look? Time will tell, but we do know a few things that help us to draft a basic understanding of the likely landscape for legal NJ sportsbooks.

  • Major casino sportsbooks: MGM has already indicated that it plans to spend $7 million on a state-of-the-art sportsbook. For sports bettors who have been to MGM sportsbooks in Las Vegas, you have some sense of how awesome this is going to be. Massive screens, huge sports bars, rows and rows of seating with betting kiosks, and unmatched energy and environment for big games. We expect MGM and Caesars to be among the early leaders when it comes to launching legal New Jersey sportsbooks.
  • Boutique sportsbooks: Not all casinos will go full throttle with sports betting, but we believe nearly all will have some sportsbooks. At some of the smaller casinos with less floor space, or at casinos that have decided sports betting isn’t going to be the focus, we’ll likely see smaller, boutique sportsbooks — much as you might see a smaller poker room at some casinos than at others.
  • Racetrack sportsbooks: NJ’s racing industry was a key back of the state’s challenge to the federal ban on state-regulated sports betting, and we fully expect racing outlets to quickly embrace sports betting, especially given the massive overlap the product is likely to have with their current customer base.
  • Mobile sports betting: This will take a bit longer to launch, but eventually mobile sports betting will be the largest collective sportsbook in NJ. Mobile is more and more a part of daily life, especially for younger consumers. Without online sports betting in NJ, the legal sports betting market in the state will never reach its full potential.

And that’s just the start. We may well see new ways to bet on sports, and new kinds of sportsbooks, as New Jersey’s legal sportsbook market continues to expand and evolve. But for now, these are the major types of sportsbooks we expect to see in New Jersey in the weeks and months following the launch of legal NJ sports betting.

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