Best football betting sites

Football Betting Sites 2020

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American sports bettors will wager north of $95 billion on the NFL and college football this season! Seasoned professionals know not all of this money is being bet by intelligent sports bettors, which means lots of easy money-making opportunities are on the horizon. The bulk of these lucrative opportunities are available online at the top football betting sites.

Which online sportsbooks offer the best action, the most betting flexibility, and the biggest bonuses? Choosing where to bet football online is as crucial as the wagers you make. If you select unsafe and unvetted football betting sites, you may find your bankroll magically disappearing one day.

But if you choose one of the best online sportsbooks offering real money football betting action, you’ll set yourself up for success. In this guide, we’ll show you the top football betting sites, how to spot the great options, and where to bet on major events like the Super Bowl or the NCAAF playoffs.

Best Football Betting Sites

  • Bovada: Very reliable sportsbook with a huge variety of betting options
  • MyBookie: Huge football promotions and safe real money betting
  • BetOnline: Around forever with great NFL and NCAAF lines
  • BetNow: A top football betting site for the 2020 season
  • Great interface and plenty of live betting

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” You can never go wrong by choosing one of the most trusted football betting sites in history. These are not fly-by-night operations that slapped a few bets together and called it a sportsbook. In particular, BetNow, MyBookie, and Bovada are three of the biggest sportsbooks in the industry with proven track records of continued excellent service.

Looking for something more specific? While these industry giants are perfect for most football sports bettors, we understand you might be looking for something in particular. In the following sections, we’ll look at the best football betting sites by league and major sporting event. We’ll also call a brief timeout to cover what makes these online sportsbooks the best of the best.

Best Football Betting Sites by League

While different football leagues play the same game with a relatively similar ruleset, the betting world is entirely different. Varying market sizes, differing access to statistics, and changing league conditions require adjustments if you want to stay profitable. Additionally, it requires you to wager at a football betting site best suited to the league you want to bet on.

National Football League (NFL)

The NFL has much larger betting markets, more access to statistics and information, and extensive coverage by analysts and the media. It also attracts many more inexperienced bettors looking to give their money away. To get in on the NFL betting action, check out our list of the top NFL betting sites.

NCAA Football (College Football)

In contrast to the NFL, college football has smaller betting markets, less access to statistics and information, and gets less coverage from the mainstream media. But it also comes with a lot more games and betting opportunities. The smaller markets mean lines move more frequently, providing more opportunities to find value at the right college football betting sites.

The XFL is a new league so the betting markets are a little smaller than the NFL and college. We’re confident that will change over time but for now this allows bettors to actually find some extra value because most online betting sites don’t have as much knowledge and data to be able to set lines as accurately as they do for other established leagues. See our list of the most trusted XFL betting sites to get started.

Best Football Betting Sites by Event

The best money-making opportunities for football bettors arise when more recreational bettors are in the action. Casual bettors come crawling out of the woodwork during major football sporting events. While this is common knowledge, most people don’t know where these green bettors go to bet football online. But we know. Below, you’ll see the top online sportsbooks offering the most value for specific major sporting events.

The Super Bowl

There is no bigger single day in sports betting than the NFL Championship. According to Forbes, over $6 billion was wagered on the 2019 Super Bowl. Whether you’re a professional bettor or just looking for fun, make sure your money is in good hands. Stick to the best Super Bowl betting sites for the best chance of turning a nice profit.

College Football Bowl Games and the NCAAF Championship

One of the newest gifts to the sports betting community is the college football playoffs and championship. The playoff system provides more betting opportunities thanks to an increase in inexperienced bettors.

What Makes These Football Betting Sites the Best?

Securing our blessing and recommendation is not easy. Unlike many review sites, we take pride in knowing we’re setting you up to be profitable and successful. Our dedicated review teams are comprised of industry experts, professional football bettors, and technology wizards. They look at hundreds of different criteria to determine the best football betting sites available.

Here are the four most significant factors our teams look at with each online sportsbook candidate.

Trusted Real Money Betting Experience

Without trust, real money football betting sites are worthless. You must be able to trust your wagers, bankroll, and personal information will be kept safe while you’re betting football online. All the football betting sites suggested in this guide are models of a trustworthy, reliable, and secure betting experience.

Fast Payouts at Football Betting Sites

Betting on football is about winning money. When you win, you want to enjoy the spoils of your victory. This requires football betting sites that pay quickly. Before we recommend any online sportsbook, we ensure they pay customers quickly, efficiently, and through their preferred payment method. With these top sportsbooks, you won’t be waiting for your winnings.

Betting Flexibility for Recreational and Professional Football Bettors

Betting flexibility is the key to your fun and profitability when betting on football. It refers to your ability to bet on any game and on different types of bets within each game. Without access to numerous options, you’ll be limited in how much money you can make.

Increased Bonuses for Football Betting

The football betting sites we recommend offer great rewards, bonuses, and VIP programs for sports bettors of all levels. Even if you only bet a few bucks here and there, you can cash in on these perks. Online sportsbooks do an incredible job rewarding new and existing bettors for their loyalty.

Free Football Betting Picks

Expert football betting tips are expensive. Getting inside the mind of a professional football bettor will regularly cost you thousands of dollars. Or will it? The Sports Geek has flipped the script on the industry. We’re offering uninhibited and free access to our expert football picks. See what our profitable pros are betting in real-time.

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