Best sports betting twitter accounts

List of Must-follow Sports Betting Twitter Accounts

Sports betting used to be a case of using your gut instinct and the information you could find in a newspaper. Based on that alone, you would go into the nearest bookmaker and place your bet using pencil and paper.

There were publications printed which would offer betting tips, especially for horse racing but since the development of online betting, everything has changed. Betting on sports such as football, cricket and tennis has become huge business and punters are eager to get their hands on all the information required to make an informed bet.

Social media has become a great way to share sports betting tips and features but which accounts should you follow? Read on to find out.

If you have ever listened to BBC Radio 4, talkRADIO or read blogs on major betting players including Betfair, Punters Lounge and Betdaq, there is a good chance you will already know the name Caan Berry. In April 2018, Berry released the book ‘Betfair Trading Made Simple: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started’ which has received rave reviews.
If betting at exchanges such as Betfair is of interest and you want to make strides in the right direction, following @CaanBerryTrader is a must.

Cricket is a sport full of statistics and if a game ever seemed made for betting, it’s cricket. However, trading on cricket can be a minefield, especially with so many matches of various formats being played around the world, not to mention the wealth of betting markets available.
Mark Iverson is a professional sports trader who specialises in cricket has been one of the earliest Betfair customers in 2001. If you follow him @markyiverson you will not go wrong. Mark joined Caan Berry and Steve Howe at a recent event for Betfair, which further underlines his credentials.

As mentioned above, there were three speakers at the 2019 Betfair Pro Traders event and the third of those was Steve Howe.
Steve runs a very successful blog entitled ‘It’s a Mugs Game’ and is known throughout the betting world for his honesty when it comes to trading. The blog design is basic but that suits Steve’s style nicely as he is very straight forward and to the point. Follow his Twitter account @itsamugsgame and you are guaranteed to become a better trader as a result.

A very good football trader who has been in business since 2005. A former doctor and psychiatrist, he has a Telegram channel with over 9,000 subscribers and the positive comments on his Twitter account tell you everything you need to know. If football is your passion and wants to trade, this Twitter account is ideal.

This account is run by Joseph Buchdahl and he also has a website which goes by the same name, 12Xpert. Described as a sports betting analyst, Joseph provides a lot of free data for users including updated football predictions using various mathematical and statistical formulae. Author of the book ‘Squares & Sharps, Suckers & Sharks’ plus two other publications, you can rely on Joseph to provide good insight.

Very data-centric approach to trading and can seem overwhelming for some beginners but EightyFivePoint, which is the home of Laurie Shaw, offers brilliant insight into trading and the beautiful game. A data scientist and visiting scholar at Harvard, he also runs a blog which contains some great articles about football trading. You can follow him on Twitter and check out his website EightyFivePoints.

Another trader who likes to use a lot of data and the Twitter bio tells you everything you need to know. It says, ‘data engineer, football addicted’ and if you have any interest in improving your football trading via the use of data, this is a good account to follow. He also has a website called BeattheBookie and you will find plenty of predictive analysis for sports betting.

Mark O’Haire is a freelance football betting analyst and the owner of WeLoveBetting website, which also focuses on football. Mark has recently won an award as the Best Gambling Content Creator 2018 and that speaks for itself. He regularly provides updates on his Twitter account before football matches whether it be regarding total goals, cards or xG related content and also writes football previews for Betfair.

Has a lighter approach to the trading industry but has plenty of experience to share on his podcast. If you are looking for someone who has worked actively in the betting industry on the other side of the fence, Dean is your man. He has worked as an on-course bookmaker and previously sold a betting shop to Coral. He offers a free in-play trade course to help get you started on his website TheBettingGuy.

@goodeyjon – (I had to get someone to write this one about me 😉
A newcomer to the world of online trading in comparison to the above but offering fresh insight and information to help people become better traders. For beginners who are just starting their journey in the world of online trading, Jon’s website, TradingSportsReviews is the perfect place to learn the ropes. If you want to know the truth about how sports trading works, give Jon a follow.

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