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For a long time this game was the lot of the elite, it was played only by kings and the aristocracy close to them. But over time, tennis betting came out in the broad masses, and its predecessor remained in history as a royal or real tennis. The French are credited with inventing tennis. Back in the 16th century, rackets and nets for the game appeared and only remotely resembled tennis. In the second half of the 19th century, a modern kind of tennis appeared, the rules of which, however, were subsequently changed many times. In 1896, tennis became an Olympic sport, but after the Olympics in 1924 it was removed from the program. Only in 1988 tennis rejoined the Olympic family.

Why is it worth betting on tennis?

Bets on this sport were also initially popular only among a narrow group of people, but with the development of broadcasts and online bookmaking, tennis betting has become one of the most sought-after competitions among players in bookmakers, thanks largely to such advantages:

  • A high percentage of favourites wins;
  • A variety of strategies;
  • Regularity of games;
  • Minimum impact of refereeing on the outcome of the match;
  • The popularity of tennis;
  • No problems with translations and sources of information.

And these are not all the advantages of tennis bets, if compared to other sports. The fact that many bettors, usually betting on football, basketball and so on, often bet on tennis, speaks of its high attractiveness for betting.

Pre-match analysis in betting on tennis matches.

The analysis has many standard parameters of other sports, including shape, statistics, and face-to-face meetings. There are also special criteria that play a crucial role: weather, court coverage and tournament status.

In the rain, as a rule, the factor of unpredictability becomes more influential, the chances of the favourite decrease. It’s no secret that the tennis player is not equally successful on all surfaces. As for the status of the competitions, at the Grand Slam tournaments, which are considered very prestigious, the athletes show their maximum level, and on less status competitions they can “play the fool”.

In live betting on tennis it is important to study the game itself when watching the broadcast, but do not forget about the pre-match scenario. So, there are tennis players who start badly, but in the second and subsequent sets they add much.

Then, you need to look into the ranking. What is good about tennis is that the ranking usually reflects the player’s strength objectively. In football, for example, Sevilla can rise to the first place in the club ranking only because of the victories in the secondary League of Europe; in tennis, even a dozen wins in second-rate tournaments will not take the player that high.

Covering the court plays a big role in tennis. Even though the strongest tennis players are universal, each of them has a favourite court. Players with a good pitch feel better on the grass courts, but when playing on clay, the importance is placed on the self-control and self-possession of the tennis players.

The player will always have an outrageous motivation if he plays in his native country. Each player has uncomfortable opponents, which should also be taken into account in the analysis, but much depends on the shape of the athletes.

Features of betting on tennis

Players can have micro-traumas, which at first glance seem inconspicuous, and at the most inopportune moment they can manifest themselves. Be sure to check the weather during the game, usually the weaker players get the advantage in bad weather.

If you are going to bet live on tennis, then carefully monitor the performance of players. If the pitch does not work, then the player’s chances of winning are significantly reduced.

Dangerous nuances in betting

The favourite in tennis does not always play to win. Often the tournament interferes with other player’s plans and therefore he loses in the first stages.

Also, beware of betting after the winter break, when the players have not entered their working rhythm. Yet, at this time, often sensational results may occur.

It is very useful to keep your stats on tennis betting. It always tells you your mistakes, which will allow you to correct the strategy of the game. If you decide to bet on tennis , then concentrate on it. This will make it possible to know well the capabilities of tennis players and their shape, and always be up to date with the latest news.

Tennis Betting Odds

The odds are quite good both before the match and in live mode, and the types of bets in these two modes can differ.

The main types of odds include:

  • The victory of the tennis player. Since there is no draw, you can bet P1 or P2.
  • Total games more or less in a match or a separate set.
  • Asian handicap, allowing you to bet on a favourite with a minus or an outsider with a plus.
  • The exact score of a tennis match.
  • The winner of the game (in live).
  • Will the score be 40:40 (also in live).
  • Futures. This bet on the outcome of the tournament as a whole – the winner, the result of a certain athlete, etc.
  • Exotic offers: will it rain, will someone be punished for excessive cries and others in the same spirit.

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