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Enhance your Exchange experience by using Apps. Whether it’s a trading app providing advanced cash-out functionality, automating your betting strategy or finding a mobile App for your smartphone so you can access Betfair on the move – you’ll find what you need here.

New Releases


Betsplit is your one-stop shop for social betting on the Betfair Exchange.


Try RaceStatsApp for FREE for 7 days. Learn how BSP data can point you to winners. No credit card details required

Profit Rush

Profit Rush is a free matched betting site, offering tools, software, video instruction and community help for all users.

Betmechstips is the ultimate algorithmic betting site.

Hi-Lo Mobile

Hi-Lo is an upcoming mobile trading platform . Hi-lo software provides you a aligned approach towards betting.


BangBangBets uses cutting edge technology to deliver real time Betfair odds and volume into your screen. Two words descr.

Mercurius Trader

Mercurius Trader offers an automated value betting strategy based on AI. Download the strategy fact sheet for details.

Easy Bet Bot

Simple and inexpensive Betfair bot. It does all auto betting for you.


An Auto Betting Horse Racing Betfair Bot.

JockeyTrainer Bot

JockeyTrainer Bot is 100% automated betting bot using which you can follow your favorite jockeys, trainers on Betfair ha.


NexusBet is the quickest, easiest and safest way to make real money from matched betting.

Hedger Pro

Hedger Pro has been developed to be the most comprehensive and easy to use ‘back to lay’ platform there is. Its is a ful.

Latest Articles

Mercurius discuss the benefits of their automated trading software

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Alan Thompson explains.

Peter Webb explains.

A guide for people who are looking to start using betting applications.

How to develop for the app directory

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Enhance your Exchange experience by using an App. Get up and running by following these five easy steps:

  • 1 Find out what Apps do by reading our learning articles.
  • 2 Search for the best App for you by using the filters or search bar.
  • 3 Learn more about the features and benefits and check the community rating. Many Apps offer a free trial – try before you buy.
  • 4 Download the App from the vendor’s site by clicking the ‘Download’ button.
  • 5 Use your Betfair account credentials to log on to the App. Your vendor will provide guidance and support on getting up and running on the App.

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