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Greyhound Racing Profitable Strategy – Swing Trade | £4.5+ Profit

Many people are looking for a greyhound racing profitable strategy. Here I can describe what always worked for me when trading greyhounds. You must realize there are certain points in the market where the price doesn’t want to go lower or higher.

We call these points Support & Resistance levels and if you can use them in your favor, you are just a little step from being profitable on greyhound racing. It’s not that hard! I will describe you a market which has an ideal scenario.


  • The price of favorite dog went down for some time. In this case from almost 5.00 to about 3.00.
  • It must be clear the price can’t go down infinitely and there must be some point where it turns back.
  • The price @3.00 is a natural support level. Just because it is a round number.
  • It is an ideal place to buy around this level which seems to be a bottom of the market.
  • Once the market realizes the price should be higher, you can exit your bets with a profit.

Greyhound Racing Profitable Strategy Video Description:

  • 0:10 – I Lay at the current bottom of the market, which is around the normally strong support level @3.00. The market was going down from @5.00, which tells me it could turn at this level.
  • 0:23 – I feel very confident because I see the Lay side strengthening. So I try to increase my position.
  • 0:31 – Once the market turns in my favour, I exit the trade with the Scale Out technique.

As you can see – I was able to earn few quids just by following this simple strategy. And there are more than 100 greyhound races every day! You can apply this strategy on many of them and as I always say – it all adds up in the long term.

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