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BetTrader, Fast betting app for PC and Mac

Supercharge your performance with BetTrader .
Boost your profits by downloading this powerful Betfair trading platform.

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BetTrader is a fast Betfair sports trading software application displaying live updating Betfair prices in a choice of trading interfaces with blazing fast bet submission and a full range of trading tools.

RacingTraders has been producing trading software for use with Betfair since 2005, being the first API trading application to introduce the ladder interface. Download BetTrader today and supercharge Betfair.

Fast Betfair prices

We take full advantage of the Betfair API and refresh prices every 200 milliseconds.

One-click Betting

Place your orders faster and get the best prices. Hit the target every time.

Full market depth

The ladder interface shows all available prices, volume traded & amounts available.

Training mode

Don’t risk your own money, use training mode, our realistic bet simulation engine.

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BetTrader Ladder Interface

BetTrader Grid Interface

BetTrader Sports Interface



BetTrader is a browser-based Betfair sports trading software application that displays live-updating Betfair markets in your internet browser, allowing you to place bets faster and more effectively than is possible with the Betfair website. Streamlined bet-submission processes allow you to place bets with fewer mouse clicks and less mouse movement. Extensive trading tools can also place bets for you automatically when predetermined conditions are met.

The Grid Interface

BetTrader’s Grid Interface is similar in appearance to Betfair’s website interface but it displays 5 prices either side instead of only 3. The BetTrader Grid introduces a more streamlined bet submission process with one click betting and an array of betting techniques enabling you to enter and exit the markets faster.

The Ladder Interface

BetTrader’s Ladder Interface displays prices vertically, allowing you to see prices literally move up and down. One click bet submission allows you to instantly react to market movements without needing to take your eyes from the price or use the keyboard.

This style of interface is popular amongst financial traders and accounts for over half of all trades entered on the world’s futures markets. BetTrader was the first API trading application to introduce the often copied Ladder Interface.

Any selection in the market can be moved to any ladder with just one click, making it the favoured interface amongst In Play traders as well as sports traders and pre race scalpers. Many professional traders say they could not imagine using Betfair without it.

The Sports Interface

Our Sports Interface allows you trade across all the markets that make up a Betfair event. On a football market trade across The Win Market, Over/Unders markets and the Correct Score at the same time. This mode allows you speed in making decisions and also gives you an instant market overview.

Training Mode

Learn to trade on Betfair or test out a new system without any risk. BetTrader uses live Betfair data —using real world matching— get a feel for the market without putting any cash at risk.

Core Features

  • Grid Mode
  • One-click Betting
  • Betfair Graphs
  • Back/Lay Field
  • Stake Betting
  • Live Betfair Video
  • Ladder Mode
  • Full Market Depth
  • Weight of Money
  • Timer Bet
  • Liability Betting
  • Market Cash-out
  • Sports Mode
  • Hedge
  • Tick Offset
  • Fill or Kill
  • Apple Mac
  • Training Mode
  • Candlesticks
  • Stop Loss
  • Drip Feed
  • Windows

Supercharge your performance with BetTrader.
Boost your profits by downloading this powerful
Betfair sports trading platform.

What is Sports Trading?

Betfair Sports Trading

Sports Trading is backing and laying the same horse or team with the idea of securing a risk free profit regardless of whether that horse or team goes on to win or not. By backing and laying at different prices the trader can lock in a profit which can be realized before the race or game has even started or no matter who goes on to win.

This means that you are no longer limited to picking the winner like you were in the dark old days of gambling at the bookies. Betting exchange trading has completely changed how people bet and more and more people are realizing that it is now possible to make consistent profits from trading the numbers, even if you don’t know anything about the underlying instrument on which you are trading.

Of course, trading on Betfair is not only limited to horse racing or trading before the event starts. Skillful race readers and sports fans can make good profits from trading on the race or game while it is In Play as Betfair markets stay open until the first horse crosses the line or the final whistle is blown.

For instance, a trader might Back a soccer team that is playing well and then Lay the same team just after they score a goal at a much lower price to guarantee a profit on the game regardless of whether that team goes on to win the game or not. Or you might Lay a tennis player that looks weak and then Back him after his serve is broken at a much higher price to guarantee a profit on the game no matter which player ends up winning.

In Play Trading on Betfair

In Play Trading on Betfair is different from trading because it refers to trading the price of a horse or team while the race or match is actually running or playing. In Play prices are much more volatile than prices are before the race starts because they are directly affected by each horse or team/player’s performance during the race.

In Play traders watch the race or match unfolding and Lay and Back accordingly, trying to lock in profits by correctly reading what is happenning in the race or match.

Betfair’s In Play markets allow skillful race readers to profit from Laying a tiring favourite midway through the race, or Backing a tennis player who gets off to a good start. Never before have gamblers had so many opportunities to make money in so many different ways from sporting events that until recently had a very limited number of betting products available on them.

Hedging on Betfair

Hedging on Betfair is the cherry on top of the ability to trade price movements.

Hedging allows traders to lock in an equal profit regardless of whether the horse or team that they were trading on wins or not, allowing you to completely remove the outcome of the race or match from the equation.

For instance, in the example above, Trading on Betfair, the trader Backs ВЈ150 @ 5.4 and Lays ВЈ150 @ 5.0, giving him a profit of ВЈ60 if the horse (Pottes Lady Jane) wins and no loss if any of the other horse’s win. That’s great if the horse wins, but if it loses then you still haven’t made any money, despite having made a profitable trade.

Hedging your ВЈ60 profit will make sure that you make the same profit whether the horse wins or loses. You can do this pressing the Hedge button on BetTrader which will divide your profit by the available to Lay price and will then Lay the result of that calculation to give you an equal profit whichever horse wins the race. In this case we have made ВЈ12 what ever the outcome of the race. (There is still 2 minutes until the race starts).

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