Betting kings review

The Betting Kings Review

The Betting Kings is a daily horse racing tipster service from Tipster Warehouse.

What does the product offer?

Tipster Warehouse says that The Betting Kings is able to offer subscribers daily tips that will produce profits. The creators of The Betting Kings say that they sat down to create their system after a series of unsuccessful wins using other peoples betting systems and tips. The Betting Kings has allegedly produced a strike rate of 25% on back to win and 55% on place tips.

How does the product work?

At its core The Betting Kings appears to be a form based system based on a custom set of filters. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of other information available in terms of how The Betting Kings actually works which I find disappointing.

What is the initial investment?

Initially The Betting Kings is available for £27 which provides a life time subscription to their tips. If you try to leave the page a first time you will be offered the same product for £17 and if you then try to leave that page you are offered The Betting Kings for just £7 for a lifetime subscription. As The Betting Kings is sold through ClickBank there is a 60 day money back guarantee in place.

What is the rate of return?

The Betting Kings advertise their service with a headline grabbing £32,350 tax free profit although this is since 2011 and is also based on £100 stakes. This means that the point profit is 323.5 points which seems reasonable.


There is nothing about The Betting Kings that stands out other than an arguably suspicious pricing system. The results that are on offer are believable and are roughly in line with the kind of results most other tipsters offer. As mentioned above I am left somewhat nervous by a pricing system that seems to beg you to give the creators money (under the guise of a friendly will for everybody to succeed). It may well be that this is simply the case and I would like to think so but objectively this must be considered. When all is said and done though you can purchase The Betting Kings for just £7 which is hardly anything to risk, and with ClickBank offering their usual guarantee maybe it is worth a punt. If you do choose to give The Betting Kings a whirl though I would personally stress the need for playing on paper before laying down any real money in a betting bank.

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