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5 Best IPL Betting Sites for 2020 [100% Deposit Bonus]

Gambling Online on Cricket and our favorite teams is fun. There are millions of people who engage in IPL betting sites and wager a considerable amount of money. However, you wouldn’t like to use the services of any shady, unreliable website when it comes to betting. This is why in this article, we have compiled a list of best IPL betting sites for IPL 2020.

We have thoroughly checked the websites and brought chosen only those which are reliable and safe.

Factors to keep in mind before Picking a Cricket Betting Site

First of all, we would inform you of the important factors that you must keep in mind before selecting your ideal site.

1. Safety

It’s a perfect opportunity for an unethical bookmaker or hacker to steal a large amount of money when it comes to cricket betting sites. You might deposit some of your money and come back the next day on the website to find no money there. You might even see the whole website getting disappeared the next day. This is why it is a must to engage in those sites only which are verified and have proper security measures.

2. History and reputation

There are certain things to keep in mind such as the past reputation of the site, reviews by users, withdrawal timelines and withdrawal limits, among other things. If any factor seems not up to the mark, you can ask the customer service executives about the same. Your experiences of gambling should be without any hassles and troubles.

3. Customer service

We as customers feel protected when there is some human interaction available with the website or any company we are availing services of. No site is totally free of issues such as downtime, servers crashing, among other things. However, the availability of a customer service executive might bring us some peace as they could explain issues and note down our grievances. This is why always try to choose a betting site that has good customer service.

4. Banking options

While betting online, to deposit and withdraw funds, you would require some sort of banking options. Different countries have different rules with regards to the bank’s involvement in uploading funds to such betting sites. Some countries have considered it illegal, however, you clear your cards for use on wallets such as Neteller, Bet365, among others. So make sure that you are engaged on such a site only which has a good rapport with banking companies in India and violates no laws.

5. Fast Payouts

We all love to get our entitled money fastly in our hands. We also hate when a website or service provider doesn’t do the same. Being honest, a company or service provider leaves a good impression if they have good payout speeds. A company would resolve also resolve other issues faster if it provides payout faster. It’s a sign of their good financial health and corporate ethics. So always make sure that the IPL betting website that you are choosing has a faster payout tendency.

Best IPL betting websites for 2020

Now that we have talked about the important points to consider, let’s dive deep into the list of best websites:


If you’ve researched even a bit about IPL betting, you might have heard about this website. This is the most preferred among all the sites owing to the sheer amount of features and facilities it offer. Some of the features are live streaming of the game on the website, seeing the odds of an event through their odd calculator, among other things.

It offers the widest range of cricket betting matches for both pre-match and in-play or live betting. It is based out of the UK and has been consistent in the world of betting since 1974. It is also termed as the most secure in the world and provides a lot of options for redemption and payments.

Betway Sports

This cricket betting site is also having an app which is trusted by many users. The feature of betting isn’t limited just to cricket and you can bet on football matches or any other sport too. You need to create an account on the website, after that, you can deposit money using bank transfer or with a VISA card, Neteller, skrill, among others.

You can explore many options provided by them such as Free Bet Club, Bet Builder, Boundary money back special, among others. Overall, there are a lot of things that could be done on Betway.


This is the third entry in our list. 22Bet is famous for providing 24*7 customer service, betting options for over 1000 events, over 200 payment methods, fan shop among other things.

You can sign up on the website, and upon signing in you’ll get 100% bonus on first deposit. Players can avail a weekly bonus of 100% up to Rs.8000 on their deposits made on Friday. 22Bet has provided an excellent mobile betting platform for iPhone and Android. Overall it is a safe and reliable betting site for Indians.


It covers a wide variety of sports and cricket is its specialty. They provide a money-back offer for their new customer where they offer a 25 Euro risk-free bet. Indians could deposit their money in their own currency, that is, rupees. You can also stream live games which makes betting more convenient and enjoyable.


Last in our list is 1xBet. It provides a welcome bonus for cricket betting. For Indians and other Asian countries’ players, this is a good platform as it is designed keeping in mind their choice of matches and events. You can also download their app for a smooth betting experience. Furthermore, their website and app have good User Interface which makes the whole betting experience a good experience.

They also provide Statistics feature which could be utilized by the user for seeing the overall scene and get an idea about all the matches and their details.

This is all from our side for now. We hope you found this list of Best IPL betting sites helpful. Thanks for reading.

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