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This factor helps in determining the potential performance of a side in an upcoming match. It tells you how a given team is playing at the moment. We also consider the quality of the opponents they played in the last few matches.
ii. Team Roster

The list of players making to the final roster is checked right before the match kicks-off. If a star player is being dropped to give them rest until an upcoming important match, it is going to significantly affect the team’s performance.
iii. Head to Head Record

When two teams play against each other, it is likely for them to develop a trend in the results. Our tipsters conduct in-depth research on past matches to come up with accurate predictions for the upcoming match.
iv. Home & Away Performance History

If a team has a history of winning most of its home matches, it is highly likely that they will continue to win in an upcoming home match. If they have beaten stronger teams on their home field with consistency, this betting tips 1×2 tomorrow match becomes even more likely.

We consider many other factors when coming up with our sure 1×2 betting tips. This includes:

  • Playing style
  • Team motivation
  • Team discipline
  • Weather conditions
  • Team schedules
  • Key player injuries and suspensions

And many other factors that may be relevant to the match.

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