Brandon lang sports betting

Brandon lang sports betting

All Sports Included –

Nothing Further to Buy!

(Any “Guarantee” applying to

Free Service is NOT included)

Steve Budin, Chuck O’Brien,

Sean Michaels, Matt Rivers,

Karl Garrett (NHL) and Gabe DuPont (NHL)

do NOT release plays every day

Upgrade From One Package To Another at Anytime

Instant Rebates Available Upon Upgrades!

Rating System

It’s all about discipline and money management guys. Without both you’re going to waste your time and your money and I don’t want to see you do either.

I’m only releasing top releases and 99.9% of the time I’m releasing ONE play a day. Now I might have two plays a week sometimes or maybe five; it all depends on how the week plays out, the strength of the card, and whether I’m winning or losing.

How will you know if I have a play?

That’s simple: I will always be locked and loaded by 2:00 P.M. Eastern on weekdays or 9:00 A.M. Eastern on weekends. So come to my page and scroll down to the Visa, Mastercard and American Express logos. If you don’t see anything listed directly under them, I don’t have anything that day. If I have something, you will definitely see it. It’s that simple.

Now, let’s talk ratings:

I’m going to rate my plays on a 10 dime to 100 dime scale. But I’m not wasting my time or yours with small little 10 dime plays. Understand? That is the scale above from which you can understand – or judge – how strong a play is.

I look at this site as an extension of a personal service I’m running for a small handful of clients. I don’t have the time to personally call them so instead I’m using this site to communicate directly with them.

Will you get analysis?

No. Why? Because I’ve found over the years that guys that are looking to score on one big play don’t need to be “convinced” on whether a play is good with one paragraph after another of text; rather they just need a selection they know is going to win more often than not. Beating their bookie is more important than being “convinced” that the selection is worthwhile.

You pay me for winners, that’s the bottom line.

Who is Sean Michaels?

Where do I start?

I was in this business before most of you reading this ever placed your first bet probably.

In the mid-80’s, when I was in my mid-20’s, I was in Vegas and I had a knack for picking winners and that’s when I first started selling my selections. No scumbag salesmen, no boiler-room operations, just good old fashioned word-of-mouth networking.

A handful of clients turned into 20. Before I knew it, I had 50 guys chomping at the bit for my winners. By the start of the ‘90s I had about 100 guys who were paying good money for my picks but it became next to impossible to service these guys daily by myself.

The ‘90’s saw the dawn of the 900 telephone business and an opportunity to bring my advice to the masses. By 1995, if I wasn’t the biggest 900 sports handicapper that industry ever saw I had to be among the top three because I was doing an easy $750,000 annually in sales of picks. And you know how much I was charging? How about $24.95.

That’s right, while the rest of the jerks in the industry were charging big bucks, I was bringing guys winners for $24.95. And you know why customers kept coming back? Because I kept winning. But a funny thing happened along the way: The phone companies stopped paying and customers robbed me blind after I made them money. Go figure!

The Internet came along in 2000 and many of you may remember I was the star, the anchor and unquestioned leader of the site now known as .

By 2004, I decided I wanted a break after 20 years of selling my picks non-stop 365 days a year so I left and went back to just betting my own plays and selling them to a few select personal clients and friends.

So why am I back?

That’s simple: the owners of this site gave me an opportunity to get back in the business on MY TERMS. What were they you asked? Well I wanted to try something different on the Internet. I wanted to only offer my best selections when I had them. If that means I had a play once a week, so be it. If it meant I had a play three times a week, so be it. Bottom line: I’m not here to prostitute myself day after day . I never have in this business and I’m not about to after 25 years as a handicapper.

Guys, I’m back and I’m here to make us both some money. But, understand, to do so you’ve got to have patience and a strict adherence to my money management systems. If you don’t follow what I say religiously, you’re setting yourself up for failure and simply wasting your time and throwing your money away, and I don’t want to see you do either.

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