About CaribSports AJAX Lines

This is a new lines interface which takes advantage of Web 2.0 features to offer a better experience to our valued customers.

How to use this interface

We’ve tried to make things intuitive so please try clicking around to get a feel for how things work.

  • You can manually update lines as well as your balances by clicking REFRESH (the one on this page, not the one in your browser’s navigation bar). This page will update in the background so that you may continue to navigate without waiting. If you do not voluntarily refresh, lines data will be updated periodically.
  • You can bring up an ‘Index of Teams’ in the upper right corner of the page to quickly get an alphabetized list of the teams available on the current page. Selecting any of these teams will then highlight the event(s) featuring the selected team so that you can bet directly. If desired, enable auto-jump to automatically move the selected event into the visible area of your window.
  • You can filter lines by the time of the events. ‘All Available’ is the default so you can see every line available for wagering. You can also select ‘Today Only’ to only see those events going off today. Finally, you can choose ‘Hot (nearest 90m)’ to only see the nearest 90 minute window of events.
  • You can alter the way lay/pay odds are displayed by choosing American, Decimal or Fractions formats.
  • You can navigate all of the sportsbook wagering products we currently have offered from within this page by selecting the top level sports, sub-sports or leagues, and special events which comprise the top three tab headers of this page.
  • Making wagers has not changed:
    • You can quickly make straight bets directly by clicking on your team of choice.
    • You can make exotic wagers or multiple straight bets through the Bet Slip. Simply add selections to your Bet Slip by clicking the ‘+’ just to the right of the displayed odds. When you are done with your selections, proceed through the ‘View Slip’ link in the upper left corner just under the Carib logo.

    . continue normally with setting up your wager(s). Remember that your wager will have action ONLY after you have confirmed. Once confirmed, your wager ticket will be displayed and a unique Ticket Number will be assigned.

(clicking inside closes)

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