Cbs bracket predictions

Cbs bracket predictions Bracket overview and predictions March 14, 2011 / 6:38 PM / CBS News NEW YORK — Eleven Big East schools made the NCAA tournament, but none is in the First Four. Trending News Eleven Big East schools made the NCAA tournament and none will make the Final Four. That’s a prediction. Here are some random thoughts and wild predictions about the Field of 68: When the RPI doesn’t matter: I lead with this category every Selection Sunday, and it never disappoints. What you need to know is that no BCS-affiliated school with a top 55 RPI was omitted this season, but six non-BCS-affiliated schools with top 55 RPIs were left out — specifically Harvard (35), Cleveland State (42), Missouri State (43), St. Mary’s (46), Colorado State (50) and Marshall (54). That means the three best RPIs omitted from the field belonged to non-BCS affiliated schools for the seventh consecutive season, which once again shows that a good RPI can save you if you’re from a power league, but it won’t help much if you’re not.