Cr7 fixed match

Fixed football (soccer) matches.

Fixed football (soccer) matches.

There are a few websites on the deep web that claim to sell fixed football matches in the european leagues. Has anyone usrd these and can they be trusted? They don’t offer free samples either.

can i get the sites names

Hello , i have tried up 3 sites on the dark web !

And i can tell you that none of them sell Fixed Matches.

However i had good luck so far with these one guy who charges 120 Euro per match. He will ask you to make payment first than give you match detail. I have purchased 38 Matches so far , 6 were wrong . Basically 85% Correct

Overall his analysis is pretty good , he initially mentioning how many players are fixed but after becoming his loyal customer he admitted that he does not provide Fix bets.

The fact he host his site on the darkweb lures people to him but i’m sure he does his analysis . I hope he doesnt loose much , football betting will always have risk , i dont believe in fixed bets.

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