Cricket betfair au

Cricket betfair au

5 Minute Video explains it.

There are two products on this page, and as a pair they are POWERFULL.

1. Trading Mindset ( absolute must read.)

2. Cricket Trader ( brilliant how to step by step trade all forms of Cricket.)

Lets start with the Cricket Trader and progress to Trading Mindset.. then the bonus discount offer!

Millions are bet everyday on Cricket around the world especially T20, 3 hours of rapidly changing prices, a traders dream!

In the recently completed Big Bash in Australia, over ВЈ30 million was traded in most matches in that 3 hours. When the matches started there was less than ВЈ5 million in the pool, and 3 hours later another ВЈ25 million added!

One day internationals are rocking in the UK, time to invest!!

Tony has long been a man people would like to emulate.

And with this 74 page “Cricket Trader” he gives you every opportunity to do so.

One of the most traded fixtures in the world now is T20 cricket, and it is played all year round. So your opportunities are greatly increased.

T20 allows you to be in and out of matches quickly and jump back in again, so the 3 hours can really give you chance to capitalise.

You get run downs on the different grounds, and which are batsman friend and which aren’t.

ODI (one day cricket) once the darling of cricket, now over shadowed by the T20 format, still has great betting opportunities.

Test cricket is not ignored, nor is Ladies cricket.

Tony covers all.

Plus you get definite trading strategies you can use, as soon as you finish reading the manual.

See what Debbie said.

Even T20 games verus cricket Minions provide Money for the Cricket Trader.

regardless of the out Tony banked a ВЈ318.05 profit

You can see ВЈ15 million on this game.

Limited Time Discounted Offer.

Purchase Cricket Trader today at ВЈ49.99

And we will offer you Trading Mindset at 50% off.

Yes Not ВЈ49.99 but ВЈ24.98

Latest Book

MINDSET is the BIGGEST key to winning at trading and is the thing most people pay the least attention to.

This book is an explanation of the mental approach I use to keep control of my mindset and attitude to losing trades.

It also explains in detail how I look at trading overall after moving from life as a courier in the incredible harbour city of Sydney, to the remote countryside of south west Scotland and the changes I had to make to my attitude and outlook.

It become an eye opening experience, and certainly was attitude changing to discover that the two careers are very closely aligned.

What does it cover?

Twenty of the interest points covered:

Normal risk verses bigger risk, why bigger is bad?

Rabbit in the headlights is that you?

Are you Pavlov’s dog? Chances are high, find out how to fix that.

Will you get “Attitude to Money Test” correct? This is important in your success as a trader.

Time, and your view of it, success is built on this in trading.

Do you think Win or Lose before you place a bet? The answer will surprise you.

Reacting to a losing trade- Answer is very powerfull.

What is “automatism” and do you have it? Could be what is stopping you. It can be overcome.. learn how.

It’s not about betting strategies, it is way more important than that.

Get your mindset right and you are a long way ahead the pack in the trading game.

Woman make better traders, learn why and how you can follow there lead.

What are intrinsic and extrinsic motivations? You need to know the difference.

If you love racing, you maybe better trading sports, for one simple reason what is it?

How to deal with losing trades the reasoning is priceless.

FOMO syndrome, chances are you have it and it is costing you a fortune.

The ВЈ5.00 chip windfall, or huge loss, do the test, you will know what sort mindset you currently have.

Easy come, easy go, will kill you, see a great example of this, it is powerfull.

If you don’t treat trading as a business you will lose, see why.

If you are a part time trader, and want to take it to full time, then this ebook will link to achieving that.

Risk averse V Risk seeking. Brilliant example of this and how as a trader you must know.

This is an easy read manual with a very powerfull message and the possibility to change your betting and life style.

Grab this 53 page pdf Today and start trading the Pro Mindset.

Cricket Trader & Trading Mindset

Best Deal!

Save ВЈ25.00


Cricket Trader only


Trading Mindset


If you don’t accept this offer where will you be with your punting in a month from now?

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