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Cricket Betting: Help For Punters Who Have Suffered Heavy Losses

Help for losers

On daily basis I receive many emails from punters across all the globe specifically from India and Indian subcontinent asking for help in recovering losses. Most of these smart punters have lost money on Cricket betting with local bookies.

I decided to write this guide to help all such punters and also to save my time in replying to each of them individually.

We all know what happens to these “smart” punters. Firstly they are initiated into the wonderful world of Cricket betting. I said Cricket betting because this covers 99% of all betting activities in India and Indian subcontinent. Once they are lured into the betting web there is no way out. Betting addiction is worse than drinking addiction. The thrill of becoming instant rich from betting is irresistible.

The biggest problem with these punters is their assumption that they can beat bookies. You can’t beat bookies. I’ve already explained it many times on Betting Adda on forum and in comments. The reason why you can’t beat bookies is not because they are too smart but it’s because of the way they do the business and set odds. They set odds and balance book in such a way that they will never lose.

Even if you are clever and start to outsmart bookies they will refuse to accept your bets. You will go to another bookie, he will do the same. Then you will try proxies which will also meet same result. Then you will try online bookies and end up with same result. They will limit or close your account. There is no way you can make money from gambling and trying to outsmart bookies.

Stop Gambling

My first advice to all such punters is to stop gambling immediately. Old habits die hard, gambling habits even die harder. All you need it so do something useful to keep your mind off gambling. You have to make a resolution to quit gambling. Only you can help yourself no one else can help you.

Bet for fun but in limit

If you can’t stop gambling then next best solution is to bet for fun rather than betting for becoming rich overnight. Use small stakes to bet.

A rule of thumb is that never spend more than 10% of your savings on betting activities.

How to recover losses?

You can’t recover losses, it’s gone, forget about it and move on.

Sports Trading

After reading all of my above advice if you still can’t resist betting then you can try trading.

What is sports trading?

Sports trading is like trading on stock market. When stock prices fall you buy anticipating that price will rise and then you can sell at higher price to make profit. Simple strategy here is to buy low, sell high.

In sports trading you do the same but in slightly different way. You back (lagao) at higher price and lay (kha lo) at lower price to make profit on all outcomes of an event.

The million dollar question is when to back and when to lay. If you can figure it out then making money from trading will become very easy.

A word of cautious though, sports trading is fast and it involves high stake in order to make more profit with very less risk. High rollers use anywhere from £1k to £100k of stake amount and make quick £100+ profit in seconds from swing trading.

How to trade sports?

It’s beyond the scope if this post. There are plenty of Guides available on BA you can go through them. I’ve also written plenty of tutorials on this blog which you can read.

Live Cricket Trading Tips

I provide live trading tips on Betting Adda for most of international and domestic Cricket matches. I prepare all these tips for my own trading activities and I post them on BA to help others.

You can’t always make profit from trading

You have to remember that you can’t make profit in all matches. There will be some matches where you will lose. If you are not ready to lose then you are not mature enough to trade so don’t bother trying it.

Betfair Betting Exchange

Even though it’s possible to trade on other sites/bookies you should do it. You will get kicked out if you trade with these bookies. your only hope is BF.

Trade in Limit

Even in trading you have to limit your bank otherwise it will end up

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