Cricket spread betting

Cricket spread betting

Here you will find all you need to know about Cricket spread betting with SportsSpread. Please navigate through the drop down menus to get a greater understanding of Cricket spread betting and what it entails. SportsSpread offer this information to provide clients with a greater level of knowledge and if there is anything you believe we have not covered please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Batsmen’s Series Runs

How many runs will an individual batsman score in a series of matches? This market allows you to buy or sell the total amount of runs that specific batsmen will score in a Test Series.


In the 3 Test match series between Pakistan &We quote that Kevin Peterson will score a total of 225 – 235 Runs in the entire series. If it is your belief that Peterson will score more than a total of 235 runs, you would buy at 235 for a stake of £/€2. If in fact, Peterson scores a total of 270 in the 3 Tests, you would therefore win 35 times your stake: (270 – 235) = 35 x £/€ 2 = £/€70. However, if Peterson had scored only 202 runs in the 3 tests you would have lost 33 times your stake: (202 – 235) = 33 x £/€ 2 = £/€66.

Fall of Next Wicket

How many runs will be made before the next wicket falls? This market presents the opportunity for you to challenge our prediction of what the score will be when the next wicket falls.


With England 65 – 5 against Pakistan and Ajamal bowling for Pakistan, SportsSpread forecast the fall of the next wicket will be 10 runs later. We would then be offer a spread of 74 – 77. If it is your belief that the England Batsmen will improve their batting performance, you would buy at 77 for a stake of £/€5. However, England lose their sixth wicket from the very next ball while still on 65 you would lose 12 times your stake : (65 – 77) = 12 x £/€5 = £/€60. Alternatively, if the England Batsmen built a sixth partnership of 30 runs, you would win 18 times your stake: (77 – 95) = 18 x £/€5 = £/€90.

Session Runs

How many runs will be scored in each session of a specific Test match?


It is the day 1 of the 1st test between South Africa & Australia. SportsSpread forecast that 74 – 78 runs will be scored in the 1st session of the day. If it is your belief that more that 78 runs will be scored you would buy at 78 for a stake £/€5. If in fact 98 runs are scored you would won 20 times your stake: (98 – 78) x £/€5 = £/€100. However if in contrast, only 60 runs have been scored you have lost 18 times your stake: (78 – 60) = -18 x 5 £/€90.

Individual Batsmen’s Innings Runs

How many runs will a specific batsman score during the course of an innings?


SportsSpread forecast that Sachin Tendulkar will score 34 – 38 runs. If it is your belief that he is playing terribly you would sell at 34 for a stake of £/€10. If in fact you are correct and Tendulkar scores only 28 runs, you would have won 8 times your stake: (34 – 28) x £/€10 = £/€60. However if in fact Tendulkar had a great innings and scored 58 runs , you would have in fact lost 24 times your stake: (58 – 34) x £/€10 = £/€240.

Total Innings Runs

How many runs will be scored by each team in an individual innings?


SportsSpread predict that Australia will score 280 runs in the 2nd Ashes test against England. We would therefore quote a spread of 275 – 285. If you believed that Australia would in fact score more than 280 you would buy at 285 for a stake of £/€2 .If in fact the Aussies had a spectacular collapse and scored only 140 , you would have lost 145 times your stake : ( 285 – 140 ) x £/€2 = £/€ 290 .However if the Aussie batsmen had an amazing innings and scored 343 runs , you have won 58 times your stake : ( 285- 343) x £/€ = £/€116.

25-10-0 Win Index

What will the outcome of the game be – Win (25pts), draw (10pts) or loss (0pts)?


At the beginning of a Test match between England & Pakistan, SportsSpread may quote England at 12.5 – 14 on the Win Index market. We believe that are favourites to win the match.

If it was your belief that England would win you would buy at 13 for a stake of £/€20 a point. If England won the match they would have been awarded 25 points and Pakistan 0 points. If in fact you have bought England at 14, you have in fact won 11 times your stake: (25 – 14) x £/€20 = £/€220.However if you sold England for12.5, you have lost 12.5 times your stake: (12.5 – 25) x £/€20 = £/€250.

One Day Supremacy

Which side will win the match and by how much?


England are playing Pakistan in a 50 over match, The starting quote is say, England/Pakistan 10 – 20. If the team batting first win the match, say England bat first and beat Pakistan by 22 runs their makeup will be 22, i.e. they beat the other team by 22 runs.

If the team batting second wins, say Pakistan beat England by 3 wickets their makeup will be in terms of 10 points per wicket. So the makeup will be Pakistan -30.So if the team batting first win make up will be in runs. If the team batting second wins, their makeup will be by wickets with 10 points being allocated per wicket.

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