Cs go random freeze fix

Cs go random freeze fix

Then its a Network issue if you get rubber banding.

There is an Option in Game that lets you choose how much bandwith the Game is allowed to use. Set it to unlimited. See if it works.

Try to right click on the network symbol in your taskbar .. go to your network devices. Right click on the device youre using and to settings. there are two options you have to uncheck.

1. Printer Sharing (im running a german windows so could be named differently but its basically that you share your printer over the net, not needed if you dont)
2. QoS Packet Planner (plans the packets sent, not nessecary)

Thats what i did in my case and it worked.

Also check if your network card is runnng Eco or Green Mode and disable the routing agressiveness.

You can test these Settings safely, no harm can be done by those.

Thats the last possible solution i have sadly. 🙁
Maybe google has more answers.

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