Dragon age memory leak fix

Memory Leak – What is it?

Dragon Age: Origins

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I know that it’s a bug that essentially increases loading times and decreases performance in some cases, if you play the game for long enough. The only fix for it so far, is to restart the game itself.

But what actually is it?

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Your computer has this component called R.A.M. Which is Random Access Memory. Meaning, it plays a part in everything that goes on in your machine, from gaming to printing. I don’t know exactly what causes a memory leak, or what goes on during such a situation, but basically your computer keeps adding memory to something that should be limited.

User Info: InEMplease

Due to poor coding on the developers part.

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The memory leak in this game, as said above, is due to poor coding on the developers part. RAM, or random access memory, processes tasks that your computer is doing. One of it’s duties in Dragon Age is to process all the different NPCs/Items/other things in each area of the game. The memory leak exists, because everytime you visit an area, your RAM will process all the stuff mentioned above, but once you leave the area, the NPCs, items, and other things are not released from your RAM, they just kind of sit there and take up some of the memory capacity your RAM has. Once you start to visit multiple areas, the amount of items your RAM starts to have sitting in it really add up, drastically reducing the ability of your computer to process other things. That leads to the increased load times and occasional lag that we see.

And Gameduck, the memory leak happens to everyone. Just play the game for a couple hours straight and you should start to notice it.

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Now that you mention it, I remember corpses only beginning to ‘shine’ (meaning you could loot them) at least 2-3 seconds after hitting the ground whenever I played for an extended period.

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