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Aaron Gordon, Dwyane Wade finally hash out Dunk Contest results

Aaron Gordon and Dwyane Wade have finally cleared the air over the controversial finish to the 2020 NBA Dunk Contest, which apparently bothered Gordon to the point he released a diss track on Wade three months after the fact.

Wade was roundly criticized for giving Gordon a 9 on his final dunk, which featured him jumping over a 7-5 Tacko Fall. That ultimately led to Wade’s former Heat teammate, Derrick Jones Jr., winning the title with a 48-47 in the final round. When Wade and Gordon talked about the contest via Instagram Live on Friday, Gordon even joked that only two people thought Jones deserved the title:

That said, Wade said he didn’t feel Gordon lost the dunk contest wholesale — just that particular round (which happened to be championship-deciding). He offered some pretty compelling arguments as to why he scored Gordon the way he did too, adding that he gave Jones a 9 in an early round as well.

“If it was total score you would have won,” Wade said. “They didn’t total it up. It was by the rounds of the dunk. On the last dunk, three judges felt you did a 9 out of 10. We didn’t feel you lost the dunk contest overall. It was about the dunk.”

D-Wade explains to Aaron Gordon why he gave him a 9 out of 10 in the dunk contest

“There’s only a couple of people that think D-Jones should have won, though . You and D-Jones.”

D-Wade and Aaron Gordon clear the air about the 2020 dunk contest *NSFW*

As for the diss track? No hard feeling there, either. Gordon said it was a way to vent some feelings in a way that gave people perspective on the situation while keeping things “light-hearted” and “uplifting.”

“You’re a legend, and I’ll never take real, real shots at a legend,” Gordon told Wade. “That’s OG, that’s just respect. And so I did it in a way that I thought people would enjoy.”

Dwyane Wade and Aaron Gordon discuss Gordon’s rap about dunk contest. No hard feelings. Lots of laughs. And wine. Via Wade’s IG page. pic.twitter.com/fIflhi0c6h

So, there you have it. No beef between Wade and Gordon — just respect.

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