Fantasy basketball top picks


A rotoscore is a special type of folder score that eliminates the need for die-score, and York Bindery can achieve die-score quality at a significantly lower cost. We regularly score and fold on 8 and 10pt without any cracking on the fold, so give us a try on your next score and fold job – save time and money.

Roto-score is a term that we use to describe special scoring equipment used on our folding machines to virtually eliminate fibre cracking on most types of stock. Our roto-score equipment achieves cylinder / platen press type score quality.

Print finishing today more than ever before is about speed and cost. With our roto-score equipment you can eliminate the extra time and cost of scoring on a cylinder press.

If you use digital print equipment then you’ll have experience with toner cracking when creasing stock. Our roto-score equipment totally eliminates this, and does so cost effectively.

Give us call for your next scoring and folding job.

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