Fantasy football draft 6th pick

2019 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: Strategy for picking No. 6 overall in PPR leagues

Go safe or go risky in Round 1? What about a tight end in Round 2? Dave Richard shows you how your draft from the sixth spot might go.

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The sixth pick is prime real estate to begin your draft with not just one, but two pass-catchers. Maybe even three or four. It’s a definite spot to go Zero RB, if that’s your kind of thing.

That’s because an elite-tier receiver will be there for sure. One of DeAndre Hopkins, Julio Jones or Davante Adams. It’s also a possible spot to gamble it up on Ezekiel Elliott or take a ride with James Conner, but the receivers are the safest choices in terms of consistent production.

Get an idea of who the top-six players are in your mind before Draft Day, then take the highest-ranked one when you’re up.

While you’re at it, make a top-20 list because you’ll also get another one of those players in Round 2.

This is where the getting is good. I’ve identified a drop-off at receiver after the first eight receivers, and there are also only two tight ends I believe are worth taking within the first 20 selections. There are more than 10 running backs who are worthy of a second-round selection, so you’re guaranteed a really good player after taking one in Round 1. That’s a good thing.

Answer these questions before you actually pick players:

  • Does having a stud tight end mean anything to you?
  • When’s the absolute earliest you want to take a running back?

If you crave getting a big-time rusher, you probably shouldn’t wait past Round 2 to get one, though there’s a pretty good chance one falls to you in Round 3. That’s good to remember if you have to have a reliable, productive tight end since your only shot to get one is either in Round 2 or 3.

I’ll also add that one last benefit to picking at No. 6 is getting good players through the first five rounds. By the time you’re up in Round 6, there’s not a lot to be as excited about — except at one position in particular.

Here is my team from No. 6 overall:

Hopkins is the safest receiver you could ask for. He’s productive, consistent and on a team that suddenly will have a harder time running the ball than they might have before Lamar Miller got hurt. He was an easy decision.

Taking Kittle in Round 2 wasn’t as easy a call, but I’m the kind of guy who likes to lock up a stud tight end. I don’t want to chase average players on waivers and pray to the Fantasy Gods that they score a touchdown. I want a beast who can put up numbers like a No. 2 receiver and give my lineup a huge advantage. Kittle is the de facto No. 1 receiver on the 49ers and has room for more touchdowns after only scoring five last year. I didn’t want to risk him not making it back to me in Round 3.

I had every intention of going Zero RB to begin my draft, but Chris Carson is irresistible. He’s in line for more catches than last year, he’s clearly the Seahawks’ best running back and has top-10 potential. Even with Antonio Brown and his new/old helmet staring me in the face, I couldn’t pass up the quality running back, especially since I figured I’d find a receiver I’d like in Round 4 but not a rusher as good.

That turned out to be the case with my next choice. The top-rated running back left was Mark Ingram, and David Montgomery and Sony Michel were also available. Receiver wasn’t as plentiful — Calvin Ridley was my highest-ranked remaining receiver. So I went for Ridley and hoped a running back I wouldn’t mind would make it to me at 54th overall. Turned out, Ingram was still there. I love it when this happens!

That brings us to Round 6 and a glop of receivers with dimming potential and running backs with only so much upside. Derrick Henry was an option, but he’d be my third running back. Alshon Jeffery was an option, but he’s not very exciting. I always want to feel like I’m stealing a quarterback from the rest of my league, and this year I’m focused on doing so with one of the top eight or so passers. Aaron Rodgers in Round 6? Seriously? It’s like a gift from the rest of my leaguemates, but I’m not writing 11 thank-you notes. If he falls this far in your drafts, don’t hesitate; if it’s someone like Matt Ryan or Baker Mayfield available in Round 6, I might tempt fate and wait one more round for them.

And if that wasn’t sweet enough, finding Henry in Round 7 was the icing on the cake. Again, no thank-you notes to the rest of my league, but I’ll salute them as I beat their behinds all season long.

I don’t think I could have ruined this team given its start, but I was very pleased with my remaining picks which included some sleepers (DeSean Jackson, Devin Singletary, Keke Coutee, Darren Waller) and even one more decent running back value (Jordan Howard in Round 11!). I feel like this team can contend from the jump in any PPR league.

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