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Fixed Matches: All You Need To Know

Last Updated on June 2nd, 2018

Have you met any fixed matches guy Online – facebook, twitter, whatsapp…

you saw pictures of his Won bets and you finally taught to yourself… this is the right Source.

After one or two conversations, you send him your hard earned money waiting to Win BIG, but then he Blocks you or worse case scenario.

He gives you a match that will make you lose more money and then Blocks you!

It’s the latest scam happening online now, to those seeking to Win Big through Fixed Matches, but this article is going to look at what it means to be dealing with fixed matches and how it plays a role in sports betting.

The more knowledge, the more power to the player.

What Are Fixed Matches ?

Fixed Matches are manipulated games.

Meaning the outcome is leaked and people are placing certain bets because they know how it ends.

This does indeed violate the rules of any legal betting game, and often it violates the law as well.

Most people will only participate simply because of the payouts which are usually a large sum.

Wilson Raj Perumal a Match Fixer

In a recent interview told CNN how many matches he has fixed, in quote he said…

I never really counted, but I think it should be between 80-100 football matches

“I was on the bench at times, and telling players what to do, giving orders to the coach. It was that easy. There was no policing whatsoever.” He added.

So for the question; Does match fixing exist in football?

Of course it does and anyone who tells you it doesn’t is naive.

Match Fixing and the Football Betting Business

In an effort to protect the game from corruption,

FIFA, the governing body of world soccer, decided that it had to act to protect the game from corruption after being shaken by recent match-fixing scandals in Germany, Italy and Brazil.

South Korea have over FIFTY professional soccer players that had to be indicted because of their involvement with match fixing.

Ten of them even had to receive lifetime bans because of their constant reoccurring involvement.

More investigations and incidences have been reported and are still going on in Hungary, Thailand, China, El Salvador, Greece and Vietnam – and these are all just within football.

To many people, this is considered a crisis, as it only seems to be getting harder and harder to control.

People involved in these associations believe that if it continues any further,

Sports might as well be dead.

which is why there have been over seventeen countries that have gone under investigation and many more are turning up.

How To Make Money With Fixed Matches

Despite how negative fixed matches can be to football,

There are still possibilities for you to make large sums of money from it.


Don’t Be a victim of many internet Fraudsters claiming to always have fixed matches as it is a very hard thing to come by.

Most Bad Sources could be based on Normal predictions and might get lucky.

They might win the predictions but that will happen only once in a while.

Below are some images of my Normal Predictions that looks like Fixed matches

4 odd match, exactly what you will get from fraudsters after paying them

Algeria during the 2015 African cup of Nation was very good and playing against South Africa would be a difficult one to win easily, so i backed them on a bet to Draw at half time and win by Full time and it worked just as predicted.

Another good prediction here as Dover FC was in very good Form against wrexham their opponent and i predicted after doing my home work that Dover will win Both Halves of the Games at a 3 odd and it worked perfectly.

Ludogorets is simply the best team at bulgaria so its very easy to predict they will win a game starting from the halftime against a weaker team.

NOTE; This kind of bets isn’t based on match-fixing. It’s based on research and knowledge once you become an expert in Football betting.

Sometimes it’s just too easy.

The Scammers

Someone once sent me something saying Liverpool vs Sevilla was fixed… I mean Seriously?

A Europa League CUP FINAL.

Remember more than one player has to be bribed to get a fixed match to work, especially on things like correct scores and half time/full time markets.

Let’s Look At a Scam

Scammers always look legitimate.

They usually have a Facebook profile and their own website, possibly even a forum.

They use these tools to gain your interest and sell you a “fixed match” but match-fixing scams are essentially a pyramid scheme.

In one of the classic half-time/full-time fix scams there are nine possible combinations of results:

Home / Away
Home / Draw
Home / Home
Draw / Home
Draw / Draw
Draw / Away
Away / Away
Away / Draw
Away / Home

For example, let’s take the match “Liverpool vs Sevilla.”

The scammer gets 9 buyers (A-I).

They tell Buyer A it’s going to be 2/1, Buyer B is told 1/2, Buyer C is told x/1, Buyer D is told x/2, and so on.

The match plays 1/2: the half-time score was Liverpool 1, Sevilla 0; and at full-time Liverpool 1, Sevilla 2.

Buyer B (and probably many others) received the prediction of 1/2. they will be very happy, they supposedly won the fixed match.

The scammer then raises the price of the tip for the next “fixed” match to those who won.

Buyer B will buy at least two more matches from the scammer before giving up, especially if they’re new and naive.

As for the losers, the scammer will ditch buyers who didn’t win, taking their money and vanishing.

Maybe he would give them his next predictions for free in hopes of getting lucky and convincing them again.

And that’s how you will lose and lose more of your hard earned money while the only winner here will be the scam artist.

Spotting the Scam

Always examine claims of a fixed game by keeping some basic questions in mind.

  • How big are the clubs involved?
  • How are the bookmakers responding?

In our example, Liverpool and Sevilla are both large clubs.

They make vast amounts of legitimate money and are unlikely to get entangled in match-fixing.

While fixed matches do occur in smaller markets where games are played at a lower level, bookmakers impose hard betting caps in order to limit their liability when a team wins.

However, it does not imply that the real sources for Fixed Matches are not out there,

In fact i have had some connections with some and have realized the real sources give the sure to win games and they don’t provide these matches often because it is not easy to Fix a Match.

Below are some real Fixed Matches that i have Earned From;

Fixed match of 15 odd which says the Home team will win the Half time while at Full time the match ends a Draw

A 24 odd match which was fixed that the away team will win at half time while the home team comes back to win at full time

fixed match played in Qatar where home team wins halftime while the away wins in full time odds of 34

fixed match played in Russia Div 2 where home team wins in Fulltime after playing draw in halftime odds of 6.8

Looking at the above images you can notice the games are mainly from France Ligue 2, Russia Div 2, Czech and Qatar .

The Right Source

You should examine the source you find on the internet as some would just give false information on matches they have little crew about.

A Friend of mine once sent me a match and asked me to stake on it but unfortunately i already gotten from one of my sources the real information on the same match and thanks to it i stopped my friend from losing more money,

the info he sent me on my whatsapp

I quickly resent him the real information about the match

Match ended Jagodina 2 – 3 Crvena Zvezda

In Conclusion,

Getting good information about fixed matches is all about who you know.

If you know a handful of good people, rely on them.

Remember, be confident with your money and where you spend it. Any signs of weaknesses are bad.

Having emotional ties to the things or teams you are betting on is not good, considering you could be dropping big bucks on a team that isn’t winning simply because you are a fan.

And most importantly, Manage your money Well.

Don’t Just waste it on Scammers!

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