Football betting spreadsheet

Matched Betting Spreadsheet

Keep track of your bets with the Matched Betting Spreadsheet

Matched Betting Spreadsheet

Like yourself, once we started to get some momentum in matched betting, we found it quite overwhelming to keep track of all our bets. What our bookmakers balances stand at proved difficult. Even simple things like keeping a record of usernames and passwords raised concern. On this basis we have provided you with a matched betting spreadsheet to help and assist you with such a problem.

You will need a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Office to open and use this spreadsheet. However, if you do not have this installed on your laptop or computer, you can download OpenOffice for free. This works absolutely fine, and also works on Windows as well as Mac. We are working on a Google Sheet solution, which will arrive soon.

Spreadsheet Guide

The spreadsheet is fairly simple to use and also comes with an example betting sheet with a sample of bets that we have placed earlier. It serves two main purposes, the first to record and calculate the physical bets you’re placing. The second is two keep a list of your account and log in details.

Tracking and Calculating Your Bets

One issue we found when we were initially matched betting, was the problem of keeping track of what bets was going on, and where your money was at. We tried recording our bets on paper, and tried various different spreadsheet methods and ended up with this solution. Perhaps one of the best things about this spreadsheet is that it will calculate the various aspects of your matched bet, such as:

  • The lay stake
  • The liability required
  • The Profit or Loss made on the bet

This is absolutely great because it reduces the requirement to keep checking the bet calculator.

The neatest part of the calculations is that you can select whether the bet won or lost at the bookmakers. By entering “Y” or “N” it will then show you where your money has ended up. For those people who know a little more about spreadsheets, you can activate a filter on Row 8, and select data for just one bookmaker only, which makes tracking your bets for one specific bookmaker even easier. We have taken the opportunity to populate the spreadsheet with some example data. You should have in your mind that the yellow cells are for manual entry, and the blue cells are for automatic calculations. Should you need to, you can obviously override the cells. An example of this would be for when we have made some money on the risk free casino offers and need to record your profit on the sheet.

Using the Matched Betting Spreadsheet

To record a bet, simply enter:

  • The time you placed the bet
  • The date you placed the bet
  • The bookmaker and the exchange
  • What event you are betting on
  • What result you are backing
  • Enter the back odds
  • The lay odds
  • The lay commission
  • Enter “Y” if it’s a free bet
  • Finally enter the back bet amount.

As mentioned above the matched betting spreadsheet will then calculate your lay stake, your liability, and the profit and loss you will make. Furthermore, when the match or race you have backed has finished, you can enter “Y” or “N” depending on whether your back bet has won or lost. The spreadsheet will then calculate the movements in your exchange and bookmaker.

The match betting spreadsheet works for calculating qualifying bets and free bets. At the current moment in time, it does not calculate risk free bets, but this will come in the next update.

You will also note that the sheet tallies up your total profit and loss for your entire matched betting history. Now what this does it motivate. By seeing how much money you have made in such a short space of time, this will catapult your efforts to make even more!

Managing your Bookmaker Accounts

Another issue we had when first matched betting was also keeping track of your usernames and passwords. Like many people, you may opt to use the same username and password for each bookmaker account, this has two disadvantages:

  • It is very insecure using the same credentials for each bookie for obvious reasons! If someone was to access one account, they could probably access them all
  • The username and password requirements for the bookmakers can be different. For example some bookmakers your login ID will be your email address. In which case, you will be using more than one set of log in credentials which you need to remember.

The accounts section of the betting spreadsheet helps with the following areas:

  • Keep track of your bookmaker user login details
  • Helps you keep a record of which bookmakers have confirmed your ID, such as address.
  • Helps you record notes, for example if you’ve been gubbed, or if you have a bonus due
  • The balance on your account
  • Sign up offer notes, to help you keep track of some of the more complicated sign up bonuses, for example where roll-over requirements are involved

As this spreadsheet will contain highly confidential data, we would recommend you protect the spreadsheet itself from others trying to snoop on your affairs. It’s extremely straight forward, and you can find a very useful guide her on how to password protect your Excel spreadsheet.

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This is probably one of the final steps to becoming a professional matched bettor – keeping track of your profits. Although this site is a general guide for matched betting, we would seriously recommend you use a sophisticated matched betting service such as Profit Accumulator. Their Profit Tracker software along with all their other tools and training makes them a perfect solution.

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