Football manager 2015 tips

By Staff • 03 Nov 2014 • Posted in Guides

Football Manager 2015 – Guides, tips and tricks for success

We’ve got some handy guides, tips and tricks for Football Manager 2015, so you can be a successful manager.

Football Manager is a game of tactics, perhaps a lot of luck too, but mostly tactics. To be good you have to know your team, know the opposition and know how to play against them. Essentially you’ve got to be Alex Ferguson or Jose Mourinho.

If you don’t know all these things, we’ve got you covered, at least partially. Read on for our helpful tips, tricks and buyer’s guides, giving you a head start over the rest.

Whether you’re after the top youngsters to snap up and turn into the next Messi and Ronaldo, or bargain buys to be solid squad players, we’ve got you covered. If you’ve got no money at all, we’ve even got a list of the top free agents available.

You’ll still need to have good negotiation skills to get these players are decent prices and wages that aren’t extortionate, but we can’t do everything for you.

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