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You can now innovate with our idea management software whilst collaborating from within Microsoft Teams.

Idea Management Software for Microsoft Teams

Accessible to everyone

Share business challenges to engage your front line workers in problem solving.В Empower your employees to contribute and collaborate on ideas directly through the Microsoft Teams application.

When employees can innovate through the tools they already use everyday, the engagement in ideation significantly increases.

60 secs product overview

We have tried other solutions, but the staff stopped using them because they were not good enough. With Wide Ideas, we now only have satisfied users and there is activity in Wide Ideas weekly. We also see customer interest in using Wide Ideas as the basis for requirements specification for projects / solutions we work on.

Responsible for Business Development , BRILLIANT

Remote Working Support package

To help support businesses where the majority of their employees now have to work from home, we have put together a Remote Working Support package.

This special package provides all businesses using Microsoft Office 365 on Azure AD,В 2 months FREE ACCESSВ to our idea management software through Microsoft Teams.

This package also includes NO set-up costs.

Start sharing ideas in under 24 hours

Residing on Microsoft Azure AD, businesses using Microsoft Office 365 could be up and running in under 24 hours.

No long implementation times and no costly consulting services.

Idea Management Software for Microsoft Office 365

Not using Microsoft Teams? No problem

Regardless whether your organisation is using Microsoft Teams or not, you can still use the Idea Management Software from Wide Ideas through the web interface under the same price plan.

Access all features, across all platforms, and no extra charges.

Building an Innovative Culture

Idea Management Process

Wide Ideas supplies the TECHNOLOGY to capture the ideas, and you supply the PEOPLE to provide them. However, without an idea management PROCESS, establishing an innovative culture in any organisation is challenging.

And building that innovative culture is the key that unlocks the creativity of your employees. Which is why we have designed our own Idea Management Process, that aligns with our idea management software, to support the life cycle of your ideas.

How To Foster And Fuel Intrapreneurship At A Large Corporation

I once did a lecture about intrapreneurship for company’s listed on the Stock Exchange in Stockholm. Afterwards, one of them came up to me and said: “I want to employ you in my company.” “No you don’t”, I said (with a smile) And it’s true. Most company leaders dream about their employees being a.

Blog | Idea Management Insights

Learn from the experience of the Wide Ideas team, and our guest bloggers, on how to build a culture of innovation in your organisation.

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We are delighted to have such a prestigious author, and innovation thought leader, asВ Г…sa Caap as our new guest blogger over the next couple of months.

Г…sa will be writing a series of 5 articles, on the topic of ‘Intrapreneurship in the Corporate World’. You can follow her series, and other great reads in our blog.

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Featured Case Study

Each year Vattenfall runs an innovation initiative focusing on specific themes, with the objective of solving the problems of tomorrow in the energy market.

Take a deep dive into their latest innovation cycle, and understand why the winning idea is good for the environment and will save the company millions over the next few years.

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