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What is a FreeBet?

1. What is a FreeBet?

A FreeBet entitles you to place a bet at our expense! Select your bet, we pay the stake and you keep the winnings to the extent they exceed the stake.
e.g. You place your EUR 5 FreeBet at odds of 2.50: if your selection wins, you get EUR 7.50 (stake of EUR 5 x odds of EUR 2.5 = EUR 12.50, minus EUR 5 = EUR 7.50) without any risk on your side.

2. How do I know I have a FreeBet?

If you have one or more FreeBets, the FreeBet banner will be displayed on the website.

A click on the banner opens the FreeBet overview where you can find all of the relevant information about your available FreeBets.

3. Are there restrictions on how to use my FreeBets?

Some FreeBets are only valid for a certain time, for a certain sport, a certain league or similar – some might only be usable on your mobile phone. If there are any conditions attached, you will be able to see them in the FreeBet overview.
In general, FreeBets can be played as Multi or single bets.

4. How can I use my FreeBet?

Whenever you put a selection into your bet slip that can be played with one of your FreeBets, you will be informed directly in the bet slip. You can then decide if you want to place the bet as a FreeBet or use it at a later point in time.

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