Handicap meaning in football betting

What means handicap betting in football

Handicap in football

Handicap football betting allows you to generate interest among people in teams of different caliber. If one of the players is too large, the coefficient on his victory will be low, and the chance to win his opponent – the Ghost that makes the match interesting for betting.

Fora helps to align the virtual (change) the strength of teams. A person can choose sub-zero odds (you need to play winning team) and zero, giving the opportunity to root for the underdog with a safety margin.

Sometimes a handicap is called a handicap (in different offices), and has variations (Asian f) with a few differences from the classical understanding, see below.

Handicap in football for the whole game

Handicap is a number that is subtracted from the final result or add to it with the aim to obtain “virtual account” to calculate the rate. If you think that the favorite will win with a big score, bet on negative odds, if you believe that the underdog can’t lose with a certain goal difference – be it on a positive handicap.

Handicap 1 (-4) Handicap 1 (-3.5) Handicap 1 (-3) Handicap 1 (-2.5) Handicap 1 (-2) Handicap 1 (-1.5) Handicap 1 (-1) Handicap 1 (-0.5) Handicap 1 (0) Handicap 1 (+0.5) Handicap 1 (+1) Handicap 1 (+1.5) Handicap 1 (+2) Handicap 1 (+2.5) Handicap 1 (+3) Handicap 1 (+3.5) Handicap 1 (+4)

2 Handicap (-4) Handicap 2 (-3.5) Handicap 2 (-3) Handicap 2 (-2.5) Handicap 2 (-2) 2 Handicap (-1.5) Handicap 2 (-1) Handicap 2 (-0.5) Handicap 2 (0) Handicap 2 (+0.5) Handicap 2 (+1) Handicap 2 (+1.5) Handicap 2 (+2) Handicap 2 (+2.5) Handicap 2 (+3) Handicap 2 (+3.5) Handicap 2 (+4)

Asian: +2.75 +2.25 +1.75 +1.25 +0.75 +0.25 -0.25 -0.75 -1.25 -1.75 -2.25 -2.75

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Fora soccer 1st half

Odds can be taken at a separate time. In the first half, the teams often swing and outsiders more power to defend themselves, so the layouts on the Fort for the 1st time may differ from the options at the time of the 2nd or the entire game.

Handicap football in the 2nd half

Similarly, the odds for the 1st half, the bookies are taking bets on the 2nd half of the game. They are popular as live and pre-match line. In the 2nd half, the teams get tired, because I usually like more goals, and allowed errors, and the advantage physically better prepared teams coming to the fore.

Asian handicap (handicap) soccer

Asian bookmakers have adopted its format of odds, later called Asian handicap. It has a fourth meaning – for example, 0,25, whereas the classical fora – an integer or half-hearted. The essence of Asian handicaps is that the amount of the bet is split into two with the nearby Fort (0,25 – 0, and 0.5), and there are already possible options as with a full win and a partial that da t the player an additional safety net and a more smooth distribution of risk and of the coefficients than in the classical format odds.

handicap +2.75 handicap +2.25 handicap +1.75 handicap +1.25 handicap +0.75 handicap +0.25 -0.25 -0.75 handicap handicap handicap handicap handicap -1.25 -1.75 -2.25 -2.75 handicap

European handicap (3way handicap) in football

Bookmakers “old world” often present a handicap with three values, where there is no possibility of consumption and return rates. We have her name is the European or treeshadow (tripartite). In the domestic BC the odds are usually 2 values, while in Europe – 3 that requires attention in the European BC.

If line 3 handicap factor is European 3way handicap. It on handicap (-2) will return odds of teams to two goals. This paramount moment as experienced players and beginners bettors. In the domestic BK European handicap, often called handicap and she is always present the option of a draw.

A zero handicap in football

The zero handicap or draw no bet is an option in which the bookmaker gives you a refund if the match ends in a draw. This kind of odds is very popular, because a draw is a good safety net in bets on the outcomes.

Above zero handicap in football

Is any handicap of the value of “plus”, that is additional to the final invoice, a handicap on the outsider.

Minus handicap in football

This figure is subtracted from the result from the favourite, and the bookie offers to beat negative odds or in the jargon of the players to “break” her.

Soft handicap in football

MF – betting jargon, implying a bet on handicap with the possibility of flow or return. Zero is a mild handicap, and besides it– (-1),(+1),(-2),(+2) etc. In the example F2 (-1) with a coefficient of 3.8 allows for a refund if the second team is winning by one goal. Fora soft is always an integer value.

Hard handicap in football

In contrast to MF hard value is always fractional, which eliminates the refund. This handicap, under which the rate of only 2 scenario – win or lose, sink or swim. In our case, f (-1,5) odds 6.8 – hard (only 2 of the scenario).

Handicap bets are also used in statistics, where it is proposed to compare the number of corners, yellow cards, throw-ins, fouls, offsides, shots on goal, percentage of ball possession.

Handicap shots on target

Bets on statistics in football always has the ability to predict the number of shots on goal, and fora allows you to compare like scoring.

Handicap by yellow cards

Comparing the number of warnings from commands. Usually the underdog in the football odds to give the negative, as one who is more conservative, traditionally receives more yellow cards.

Handicap offsides

When comparing the number of offside football teams the bookies use statistics of getting players opponents in an offside position in the previous matches. There are players predisposed to frequently fall into the offside. The classic example is the Italian Filippo Inzaghi.

Handicap corner

Corners are becoming more popular bookmakers, and put just a number, and compare the ability to earn corners between the teams, arranging them virtual competition, becoming the subject of a bet.

Handicap fouls in football

Violations of the rules also became the basis for the acceptance of bets and the comparisons of their odds. Bookmakers get information on fouls from their statistical partners, focusing on official sources of information, prescribed in the rules of accepting bets.

There are also bets on odds to percentage possession of the ball, handicap outs, combination bets “handicap plus both score”, “handicap plus total”, the odds at certain periods in the game – 10, 15 minutes, half an hour.

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