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Sports Betting In Harrington

Thanks to the US Supreme Court’s overturn of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, sports betting in Harrington has been taking off since it went live on June 5, 2018. While the state has for years offered a very limited form of Delaware sports betting in the form of NFL parlay cards, the new full-service sports betting on tap actually offers robust, Las-Vegas-style betting boards and both national and international sports wagering options. Finally, sports betting in Harrington is the real deal!

  • Harrington Raceway
  • http://harringtonraceway.com/
  • Address: 18500 S Dupont Hwy, Harrington, DE 19952
  • Phone: 302-398-4920

You will only find sports betting in Harrington at the Harrington Raceway, which is certainly going to positively skew any Harrington Raceway & Casino review, given that it is literally the only game in town. But that’s not a bad thing, and the Harrington Raceway would hold its own even in a sea of Delaware sports betting and casino gaming competition.

The Harrington Raceway & Casino is centrally located in the small town of Harrington, on-site at the Delaware State Fairgrounds. Harrington Raceway is not a Thoroughbred track but a harness horse racing venue, and it hosts meets weekly during the season, which lasts from April to October each year. Opened in 1946, the Harrington Raceway is one of the oldest harness horse racetracks in America. While there are no signature races at the venue (harness horse racing, after all, is not as popular as Thoroughbred racing, though it is quite the spectacle), the season is always good for a few nights of fun at the track.

The casino portion Harrington Raceway offers over 1800 slot machines, tons of table games (including blackjack, craps, crapless craps, Texas Hold ‘Em, Mississippi Stud, and many more), a dedicated poker room, and – of course – a brand-new sports betting lounge!

What To Expect When Betting At The Harrington Casino Sportsbook

If you aren’t sure what to expect when betting at the Harrington Casino sportsbook, it’s actually pretty simple. First things first, the book is located inside the venue at Murphy’s Race and Sports Book & Grill, which has been remodeled to include multiple new big-screen TVs and tableside food and drink service.

At Murphy’s Race and Sports Book & Grill, you’ll get several boards of daily betting action on both national and international sports and leagues, though the current focus is on US-centric athletics. NFL and NCAA football are on hand, as is MLB, NHL, NBA, and NASCAR action. Sports betting in Harrington also covers soccer, golf, boxing, MMA, and other leagues as the seasons permit. As far as all the different bet types on hand, you can expect the full gamut, with spreads, totals, and straight moneyline bets to player props, team props, futures, teasers, pleasers, parlays, specials, and so on. Live betting is also available for several matches each day, a phenomenon that is particularly popular during college and professional football season.

Unlike most physical sportsbooks, Harrington Raceway offers bonuses to its Delaware sports betting clientele. While these change month to month, they will typically offer sports bettors a 25%-50% deposit match that gives them slot machine free plays. For example, if you make a $100 sports bet at Murphy’s Race and Sports Book & Grill, you can receive $25-$50 in bonus spins at the casino’s slots. (This mimics the bonuses available at most offshore sportsbooks like BetOnline, SportsBetting, 5Dimes, and BetDSI, though these legal DE betting sites typically only apply their sportsbook bonuses to their sports wagering services. Be sure to check Harrington Raceway’s website for updated bonuses and terms before heading over to wager on your favorite teams and players.)

Sports Betting In Harrington Hours of Operation

Harrington Raceway and Casino’s sportsbook has the following hours of operation. During most of the year, the book’s weekend hours are the same as their weekday hours, though during football season, weekend wagering kicks off an hour earlier than usual.

  • Monday – Friday: 11 AM – Midnight
  • Saturday – Sunday: 10 AM – Midnight

Things To Do In Harrington

While it certainly isn’t the biggest vacation hotspot in Delaware, there are plenty of things to do in Harrington, or – at least – around Harrington, when you want to take a break from betting and gambling at the racetrack. For those seeking shopping and fine dining, the Queenstown Premium Outlets shopping center is just 35 miles west in Maryland, and nearby restaurants include Harrington’s upscale Bonz (which is actually in the Harrington Raceway complex), the Stargate Diner for casual Americana, and The Salty Wave Seafood Market.

For those favoring outdoor activities, Harrington has a lot to offer, as well. The Quillen Arena’s horse shows and rodeos at the Delaware State Fairgrounds are a must-see, and the Centre Ice Rink offers hockey lessons and low-traffic weekday skating sessions. Killens Pond State Park is the perfect place to get away for a couple of days under the stars, with the Killens Pond Water Park providing plenty of fun for kids and adults of all ages.

To take in the history of Harrington, the Harrington Railroad Museum is a must-see, though it is currently only open on Sundays, so you’ll definitely want to call ahead and make reservations. You can also check out the Milford Aquarium, the occasional shows put on by the Historical Vintage Car Club of Delaware, and the Milford Museum, all just a ten-minute drive from Harrington.

Sports Betting In Harrington FAQs

Does The Harrington Sportsbook Have Proxy Betting?

No, the Harrington sportsbook does not have proxy betting. Proxy betting was originally conceived of many years ago as a workaround of the Interstate Wire Act of 1961, which makes it against federal law for any sportsbook to take bets over state lines via any mode of wire communication. As such, proxy betting utilizes in-state persons or services to make wagers on behalf of people outside of the state. As a legal grey area, most bookmakers do not offer this service, and such is the case in all of Delaware.

Can I Bet At The Harrington Sportsbook Over The Phone?

Because of the Wire Act’s restrictions as described above, you cannot bet at the Harrington sportsbook over the phone, as there is no way for the bookmakers at Harrington Raceway to verify that the call is coming from within Delaware’s borders.

Is There Online Sports Betting In Harrington?

Yes, there is online sports betting in Harrington but it is not made available by the racino located in the city nor by the state lottery. The only way to access an online sportsbook in Harrington is by using one that is operated overseas. Those sports betting sites are able to stay out of the legal jurisdiction of both state and federal laws. There are also online sports betting sites available in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but those sites can’t be used when you travel back to Delaware.

Is There Mobile Sports Betting In Harrington?

There are currently no mobile sports betting options that are operated out of Harrington, though when the state gets its online betting service up and running, you can expect this to be a big part of it. Until then, those who wish to wager over the Internet via their iPhones and Android devices can do so by visiting an offshore sportsbook, the best of which are optimized for mobile browsing and on-the-go wagering.

Can I Use Bitcoin To Bet On Sports In Harrington?

Though cryptocurrency is clearly the wave of the future when it comes to commerce, you can’t actually use Bitcoin to bet on sports in a physical sportsbook in Harrington. At least, not yet. Once state-regulated mobile and online betting comes to the Harrington Raceway and the rest of Delaware, you may be able to use various cryptos (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano, Stellar, etc.), but the only sportsbooks that currently accept these modes of payment are the legal offshore books that serve DE customers.

Does The Harrington Sportsbook Offer Live Betting?

Yes! The Harrington sportsbook offers live betting at its self-service terminals. Live betting allows you place wagers during a game as it’s being played in real-time, with lines that shift every few seconds (or every few minutes) to reflect the current pace and flow of the game in question. Live betting is on track to become the most popular type of sports betting in Harrington and the rest of Delaware, and you can expect increasing support for this particularly fun way to wager on your favorite players, teams, and games.

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