Hollywoodbets soccer fixtures

Hollywoodbets Fixtures

Did you know you can download the latest Hollywoodbets fixtures right onto your phone for use offline or to simply save data? You can! We’re going to show you to get the latest fixtures in this post. If you’d like to start betting online with Hollywoodbets, please visit the Hollywoodbets registration page.

Lastest Hollywoodbets Fixtures

There are 3 different fixtures you can download to phone in PDF format. The following fixtures are available for download

To download and access the fixtures you’ll first need to have a PDF reader app installed on your mobile device. Most modern phones come with a built in reader however you may need to download one from the app store if your mobile does not have one built in.

Download Hollywoodbets Fixtures

To download the fixtures you simply need to head over to the correct page on the Hollywoodbets site. Click here to visit the download page with all the latest fixtures.

Once you’ve downloaded the fixtures you simply need to open them on your device, once open they’ll look like the image below.

You’ll notice that you can also see all the different Hollywoodbets coupon codes and more! It’s a useful file and we recommend that you make good use of it.

Why Download Hollywood Fixtures?

It’s always handy to have the fixture list available to you with out needing data to access it. Many punters download the latest fixtures so they can check them from their phones in the stores, or to help plan their next bet on the Hollywood site. It’s also a great way to know what good soccer matches are coming up, in case you are planning on watching or having a bet.

If you’d like to know more about Hollywoodbets then head over to our review, where we look and their odds and bonuses.

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