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This Week’s Lucky Number Draws

Another week has gone by and we have more winners have been made with Hollywoodbets! Remember, our branches may be closed but the team is working as hard as possible to provide our clients with as many online betting options as possible!

This past week we had several big winners including a R100 000 win on the Wyoming Cowboy Lotto, a R90 000 win on the Greece Afternoon Extra 5 and a R60 000 win on the Cash For Life draw! So stay at home and keep yourself entertained with Hollywoodbets’ wide range of Lucky Number draws to choose from! The more you play, the better chance you have to win!

Some more good news is that the Ghana 5/90, Vietnam 6/45, Brazil Double Seine, Colombia Baloto and Revancha, Israel Double Lotto and Lebanon 6/42 draws are available once again!

Austria Lotto 6/45
This draw takes place on Wednesdays and Sundays and closes for betting at 17:00. Six numbers are drawn from a set of 45 plus a bonus. Odds are:

1 number (main set & bonus): 5/1
2 numbers (main set & bonus): 42/1
3 numbers (main set & bonus): 350/1
4 numbers (main set & bonus): 2 500/1
Bonus: 42/1

Austria Lotto Plus 6/45
This draw takes place at the same time as the Austria Lotto 6/45 and uses the same format, with no bonus number. Odds are:

1 number: 6/1
2 numbers: 57/1
3 numbers: 550/1
4 numbers: 6 000/1

Serbia 7/39 and Serbia Plus 7/39
A double-feature from Serbia which sees seven numbers selected from a set of 39 with no bonus. Draws take place on Tuesdays and Fridays, closing for betting at 17:30. Odds are:

1 number: 4/1
2 numbers: 30/1
3 numbers: 220/1
4 numbers: 1 750/1
5 numbers: 20 000/1

So do your bit to flatten the curve by staying at home! Keep yourself entertained by playing Lucky Numbers with Hollywoodbets and hopefully make yourself a winner! Good luck!

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