How to win football accumulators

How to win football accumulators

There is no such thing as the best football accumulator strategy, because most of them are highly situational. But, on occasions when you get good win accumulator tips, it is quite worth your time to explore available options.

The most obvious acca betting strategy is to go with favorites. Football in general is very good for these bets, because favorites usually have ok odds due to the added possibility of draw. You can use this to your advantage to get good value from your money.

Another strategy is to forego ‘team-to-win’ lines and go for over/under bets. It requires a bit more knowledge (or a more experienced tipster), but is considered a safer bet with bigger probability to win if everything goes right.

The biggest wins, however, come from accumulators where you are not afraid to take risks and use tips that seem the most trustworthy to you. When it comes to accas, even a five-favorite bet can net you as much as 10:1 in terms of money.

And then there are football accumulator systems, which is the whole new world of safe betting. Now, it is only mostly safe — as there is no such thing as guaranteed wins, — and there’s a distinct downside to them, as some of the bookmakers are keen on labeling such systems as undesirable play patterns and may subsequently restrict or even suspend your account.

So, what is a football accumulator system? It is a system of bets that are designed to cover your losses in cases when things don’t go your way. A good example of such system is a round robin bet that uses three distinct favorites to win to place three bets with two selections each. If we were to place such a bet on, say, UEFA Champions League, we’d have to open the schedule, see the matches and try to form a prediction of the likely winners. Then we’d go to our sportsbook to take a look at the odds.

For this particular case, we will use Liverpool winning at 1.58, Paris Saint-Germain winning at 1.81 and Manchester City winning at 1.60. With this information, we will place three two-selection footy accumulators:

  1. Liverpool + PSG (2.86 combined odds, €28,6 with a €10 stake);
  2. Liverpool + Man City (2.53 combined odds, €25,3 with a €10 stake);
  3. PSG + Man City (2.90 combined odds, €29 with a €10 stake).

With all three favorites winning we will enjoy a solid €52,9 profit (€82,9 total winnings minus the €30 in initial bets). However, if one of the teams will drop the ball (pardon the pun), we still get most of our money back just by winning a single acca. If two or more teams will fail to win, then it wasn’t our lucky day to gamble.

Of course, round robin is not the only existing acca betting strategy.

How to win accumulator bets

Ok, so what is the best way to win accumulator bets? Simply put, it is a combination of using the best knowledge (or the best available tips), and some luck. Devise a strategy, bet safely, be lucky and win big — it’s nothing more than that. In a world where there are no guaranteed wins, having the most edge is what counts.

And, of course, don’t forget to have fun in the process. But you can also take acca tips from expert.

BOL, and we’ll see you on the fields of gambling.

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