How to win jackpot in sportpesa

How to win Sportpesa jackpot and what you should do with the money

If you’re an avid player of the Www Sportpesa, then you’ve probably built a million castles on how to spend the millions when you win. Barely has enough time passed before we were bombarded with news that Sportpesa has crowned a new jackpot winner. While it’s disheartening for those of us who keep playing without any successful win whatsoever, the good news is when one jackpot is scooped another one pops up. This means that you can still keep your dream of winning alive by continuing to bet but in a smart way. And, the most important requirement for you to stand a chance to win the www Sportpesa jackpot is to have Ksh 100.

Samuel Abisai with a dummy cheque of Ksh. 221.3M he won in the SportPesa

What’s interesting and encouraging about this particular win is that the current winner is a woman. This goes to show that gender can never be an obstacle when it comes to making Sportpesa jackpot prediction and everyone has an equal chance of winning. The previous 28-year-old winner Samuel Abisai won the mega jackpot which is the biggest win in Kenya betting history. What’s fascinating about his story is that when asked how he plans to spend the money, he clearly replied that he had so many plans but no single straightforward plan.

Here are a few guidelines on what to do with the money if you ever won the www Sportpesa jackpot.

  • Ask for a payout over time

We have all heard stories about people who won millions from betting but only for them to end up poor a few years down the line. We can’t really blame them because the jackpot is a unique yet sudden wealth that requires a careful plan. And most of the time, people who are below 35 years are the ones who actively bet which increases their chances of winning.

To be sure you don’t encounter financial difficulties down the line is to ask for a specific payout over time instead of a lump sum. You can use the payout to start a project and eventually if you feel that’s not where your passion is you can wait for the next payout and use it for a more productive goal. Installment payout will also help control you’re spending and instill monetary discipline.

  • Get an experienced financial adviser

When you’re rich, everyone will want a piece of you. Some will come with good intentions while others will want to sink you. One of the biggest mistakes that jackpot winners fail to do is hire a financial advisor they can openly communicate with and trust. By getting an experienced financial advisor, you will have the needed help to make sound financial decisions. Certified financial advisors don’t come cheap but considering that you just won millions in www Sportpesa jackpot you can afford to part with some money just to ensure your future is heading in the right direction.

  • Make a plan beforehand

A lot of the jackpot winners don’t have extensive financial knowledge that prevents them from losing money to scammers. It could be a fake developer who promises to build you one of a kind hotel outside the country, and they only need a startup amount of $5 million, and you’ll make $30 million in a year. Because you don’t know how the real estate works, you end up losing that chunk of money.

The trick to avoiding such Common mistakes is to surround yourself with a competent team made of a property valuer, real estate agent, land economist and any other professional that you can consult before making any financial moves. While it might look costly adding various professionals to your payroll, it actually saves you money in the long run.

  • Put money in your favorite charity or scholarship

A mega Sportpesa jackpot can not only change your life, but also the life of someone else. Choose a charitable cause that is close to your heart so that you can make a meaningful impact.

How to create a Sportpesa account

Sportpesa is clearly the most popular betting site which has also crowned quite a number of millionaires. But before you can win, the first step you need to understand is how to create a Sportpesa account. You can create your account using either online method or using an SMS.

Register via online method

  1. Go to the Sportpesa website and click the register now button.
  2. Next, key in your details which include ID, phone number, and your ideal password.
  3. To activate your account, you will need a verification code which can be obtained by clicking Get verification code button.
  4. You will then receive an SMS from Sportpesa with your v which verification code which will then use to complete your registration. After which you will click finish registration button.

You will then receive a second SMS with your Sportpesa log in details such as username, password and the paybill you will need to place your bets.

Register using an SMS

Registering using an SMS is a convenient way for people that lack a phone that is internet enabled. Use the following steps to register using the SMS method.

  • Start by sending an SMS with the word Accept to 79079 which the official SMS number for Sportpesa.
  • After receiving your message, Sportpesa will then send you an SMS with your details like username, paybill number, and PIN after which you are free to bet.
  • To start betting for the Sportpesa jackpot, deposit a minimum of Ksh 100 from your Mpesa account to Sportpesa.

How to play Sportpesa jackpot

Sportpesa jackpot has 13 football games while mega jackpot has a total of 17. You get a bonus if you correctly predict 10 to 12 teams listed on the jackpot. Bonus for the mega jackpot is given to those who can correctly predict 12 to 16 games.

SportPesa Mega Jackpot games on the website.

How to play Sportpesa multibet

The best way to have a chance at winning multiple bets is to play Sportpesa multibet instead of placing individual bets. Remember you only have a maximum of 20 multi-bet. To play multibet browse the Sportpesa website and check out today’s game. Then click on the games you prefer to bet on. The chosen games will then be highlighted in blue color and will be automatically added to your betting slip.

If you’re not sure about a bet and you want to change or remove it, simply click on the X symbol on the betting slip. To complete your Sportpesa multibet click on Place a Bet and confirm the final placement. Sportpesa will then send you a message on your account confirming your multibet.

How to increase your chances of winning Sportpesa jackpot

Winning a jackpot is the dream of many Kenyans after all unemployment is at an all-time high. Picture this scenario, your barely making ends meet, living in a single room with two of your friends and out of nowhere you get a call from Sportpesa CEO Ronald Karauri that you have won over Ksh 200 million.

Over the years, successful winners have been relying on two factors that ensure they have a higher chance of having a sure bet in the Sportpesa jackpot prediction: luck and extensive knowledge of the game. Knowing the ins and out of your favorite team cannot help you win the Sportpesa jackpot. Instead, you must have love for the game to know the strengths and weaknesses of each time so that you can bet on the teams more likely to win. Some people even combine their knowledge, bet and split the money in case they win. The following are more Sportpesa jackpot tips and tricks to help increase your chances of becoming the next multi-millionaire in Kenya.

  • Use the head to head statistics

Head to head statistics gives you a direct comparison of two teams. You can use the head to head statistics which shows how the teams have performed against each other in the past matches. This will give you a clue about the strength and weaknesses of each team.

  • Partner with a football fan

If you’re new to the football matches the best chances of winning Sportpesa jackpot is by befriending a footballholic. Most of the football fans have extensive knowledge about recent changes in most football clubs, players with injuries and the moods of different coaches. This information can go a long way in providing you with the knowledge that can give you an advantage and tips on how to make winning Sportpesa jackpot prediction.

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