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Chargers Fantasy Football Names

Choose one of these Chargers fantasy football names for your next winning season. The Bolts feature a great selection of NFL talent, from the cagey veteran quarterback Philip Rivers to an exciting group of young receivers.

You are sure to find a creative and unique fantasy football name among this list. So energize your fantasy football league and pay tribute to Chargers Nation with these names.

Chargers Fantasy Football Names

San Diego-ing, Going, Gone.

Lord of Lightning.

You’ve Been Thunderstruck.

Ride the Lightning.

Head Coach Anthony Lynn Team Names

Lynnsane in the Membrane.

Your Lynnermost Thoughts.

Philip Rivers Fantasy Football Team Names

Down by the Rivers.

Cry Me a Rivers.

A Rivers Runs Through It.

Rivers of Tears.

Over The Rivers & Through The Gates To Gordon’s House We Go.

The Rivers Run Red.

In a Van Down By the Rivers.

Phillip Rivers’ Bolo-Tie.

Rivers Me Timbers.

Rivers Run Red Zone.

The Rivers Burst the FloodGates.

In Rivers We Trust.

Glass Half Phil.

Philip Givers, Antonio Takes.

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Melvin Gordon Fantasy Football Names

Mo’ Melvin Mo’ Problems.

Melvin and the Chipmunks.

Gordon Rams See.

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Keenan Allen Fantasy Names

Allen The Family.

Allen a Day’s Work.

Allen’s Well That Ends Well.

Allen Dressed Up & Nowhere to Go.

Allen-tents and Purposes.

Don’t Spend It Allen One Place.

Antonio Gates Selections

Antonio’s Pearly Gates.

Philip Givers, Antonio Takes.

The Gates of Victory.

The Gates of Hell.

Crash the Gates.

The Gates Are Open.

At the Starting Gates.

Raise The Gates.

A Gated Community.

Enter the Pearly Gates.

Good Chargers Fantasy Football Names

All About that Bosa.

A Lamp for the Forrest.

All About Dem Benjamins.

Insane in the Mebane.

I love (Forrest) Lamp.

Ready to Pouncey.

Sturgis Bike Rally.

Manti Te’o’s Girlfriend’s School of Existence.

Manti Te’o’s Catfish Crew.

The Tolbert Report.

Manti Morphin Power Rangers.


Open the Rivers Gates on N.O.

Seau, Belcher, & McNair LLP.

Nick Novak At Night.

Danario Alexander The Great.

Te’o Me She is Fo Real.

LA Chargers

The Big Dombrowski.

Rochells on the Seashore.

The Magic School Bosa.

Quessenberry’s and Cream.

Sharks With Kaser Beams.

2 Liuget 2 Quit.

Pay The Perryman.

Manti Te’o’s Catfish Crew.

All About The Benjamins.

Turn Down for Watt.

Okung All Ye Faithful.

Sturgis’ Motorcycle Rally.

Time Will Tyrell.

More Los Angeles Chargers Fantasy Team Names

Carry On My Hayward Son.

Ask Derwin Williams.

Pouncey No Evil.

Rivers Run Deep.

Book of Matthews.

Every Kiss Begins With Kaeding.

Messing With Manti.

Knock on Woodhead.

Chargers Top Fantasy Players

Philip Rivers, QB

Melvin Gordon III, RB

Austin Ekeler, RB

Detrez Newsome, RB

Keenan Allen, WR

Tyrell Williams, WR

Travis Benjamin, WR

Mike Williams, WR

Virgil Green, TE

Antonio Gates, TE

LA Chargers Trivia

Q: In what city was the team’s original franchise?
A: The team played in Los Angeles for the 1960 season before moving to San Diego.

Q: When were the Chargers first winning season?
A: The team finished their inaugural season in 1960 with a 10-4 record.

Q: What was Dan Fouts’ jersey number with the Chargers?
A: #14

Q: How many retired uniform numbers do the team have?
A: Two – Dan Fouts #14 and Lance Alworth #19.

Q: What was Lance Alworth’s nickname?
A: Bambi. A teammate gave him the name because he had a baby face and could run like a deer.


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