Ladbrokes fixed odds football coupon

Ladbrokes fixed odds football coupon

Post by Tip Top » Wed Aug 03, 2005 6:17 pm

As you probably guessed from a pervious post im a big fan of the fixed odds footie bets and usually have a couple of hit per season (last season i hit 3 times for over £3500)

this year im hoping to recruit a few of the footie wise people on here get together and try and beat the bookies even more.

ok here’s the deal——

i have infront of me the weekend football coupon from Ladbrokes and im concentrating on the strike it rich section of that.

there are 5 sections with 6 games in each section, the odds are — 1 from each section 10/1 — 2 from each section 128/1 —- 3 from each section 1463/1

i plan on e-mailing the list of games to all of you that want to join in and then what you do is fill in a result for every game i.e 1 for home win 2 for away win and x for draw.

Now i know not everyone will have strong tips on all games so the games you feel strongly about i’d want you to put a * next to that selection and the game you really have idea about put a

next to, if you feel its a ok bet and should win then dont put anything next to it

ie. inverness v Rangers 2*
derby v brighton 1
dundee v st mirren 1

still with me??

when your done email me back with your selections and i’ll calculate them all up using a points systen of *=3 points a blank = 2 points and a

getting 1 point then i will post the list and poeple can make there bets from there.

i feel this will give a good idea of the weeks games and its a good way to get some strong selctions and i for one would definatly have a few quid on the 3 from each section with the strongest bets we find.

one thing i do ask and i know it will be hard is to forget about you bond to your own team while picking games
i.e me being a Coventry fan there is nothing more i want then for them to stuff norwich this weekend but as a betting man i carnt see them getting nothing but a tonking from huckers and co this sat.

so if your intrested (and i better get some intrest after typing all this!) PM me your email and and ill email you out the games.

I thank you!

p.s i will include the odds of each team on the email

Post by Dammo Qwirky » Wed Aug 03, 2005 6:22 pm

Post by Tip Top » Wed Aug 03, 2005 6:24 pm

i know what your saying mate but every year ive done it ive always finished well in profit ie 100’s over the season

anyway isnt gambling as a whole a mugs game

Post by OlbgDeleted295 » Wed Aug 03, 2005 6:33 pm

Post by Dammo Qwirky » Wed Aug 03, 2005 6:47 pm

It doesnt always have to be a mugs game. Most of the things that bookies heavily promote are heavily in their favour, thats why they do it!

Im sure yer judgment is sound and u can make money from it, but rather than letting them dictate to u wot to bet on, would be wiser and prob more lucrative for u to decide which ones yerself.

Post by Tip Top » Wed Aug 03, 2005 7:08 pm

i do do my own bets dammo but also like a dabble on the long odds i usually stake about a fiver a week on the fixed odds and the majorityof my wager on different bets consisting of picks i think i carnt go wrong with (often fail tho lol )

i tend to view the fixed odds as a bit of fun hence the low wager and just thought it would be fun to see how we all do as a combined effort

Post by Tip Top » Wed Aug 03, 2005 11:43 pm

come on ladies got a few involved now and could do with a few more

its fuuuuuuuuuuuuuun

Post by Graham V Green » Wed Aug 03, 2005 11:56 pm

The sections bet, is essentially a bookies bet. Bookies normally offer fantastic guaranteed odds for 1/2/3 picks from each section. What makes it even more appealing is the heavy odds on shots in the first few sections. Celtic, Rangers, Chelsea, I’m flying here.

Trouble is, it gets harder the further down you go. I used to do it as a kid and would always be scratching my head in the bottom sections.

In general, the odds in the sections are identical to those on the long list. Therefore do not feel obliged to pick a dodgy selection just because the bookies force you to. Simply transfer the ones you’re confident on, onto the long list.

To make up for not including a dodgy team at say 6/4, compare the odds from the different bookies. Marry your selections up with the bookies offering the best odds on your chosen picks. do a «potential returns» comparison on accas with different bookies. You’d be suprised at the differentials. In some cases it means 9 on the long list (minus a dodgy 5/4) with say Hills, will pay more than all 10 with Lads.

Another consideration is if one of your selections is playing Sun/Mon. Don’t do the section bet. Put the Sat bets on the long list and if they come in, you can collect and have a good old session.

If you want to stake it all on regardless, pick up your winnings from say Corals on Sun morning and put it all back on with whoevers going best price before the last match. The difference on say £1,000 at 6/4 (your section price) and the 7/4 with another bookies is not unsubstantial.

For the record, the biggest footy acca I’ve seen someone pull off, was 3 from each of 5 sections. i.e 15 teams! About 10 years back, a lad in our bookies won just under £2,500 for a 50p line.

Definitely something to tell the grandkids about.
Happy punting.

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