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Welcome to the Fast Bank Transfer betting sites section of cheekypunter.com. If you are looking for a list of bookmakers sites which accept Fast Bank Transfer deposits then you’ve come to the right place.

I’ll start this section by showing you what I think the best options actually are and then I’ll go on to tell you about the deposit method, how to use this method, it’s history and any fees associated with Fast Bank Transfer deposits.

Best Fast Bank Transfer Betting Sites:

The following is a list of the best sites for deposits using Fast Bank Transfer:

    #1 Bet365
    #2 Betvictor
    #3 William Hill

*Info accurate as of 29-04-2020 for the UK market.

Compare Betting Sites: Fast Bank Transfer

Bookmaker Min Deposits Withdrawals Fees
Betvictor £5 3-5 days 3-5 days 0%
William Hill £10 2-5 days 5-10 days 0%

Not all payment methods belong to a specific company. For example, Visa cards have been around for decades, and they are used as a standard by many organisations, but Visa doesn’t actually belong to any one company. In the same way, the term “Fast Bank Transfer” doesn’t belong to a single organisation either, it’s just a phrase that is used to describe a quicker way to transfer money from your bank account directly.

Up until about a year ago, it used to be the case that if you wanted to transfer money directly from your account to somewhere else, the transaction would take about three days. Sometimes it would be quicker, and sometimes a lot slower, but most banks would usually state a three-day delay before the funds arrived at the intended destination. These days however, there is a new service called fast bank transfer (or faster bank transfer depending on who you talk to), that promises transfers on the same day, and usually within two hours. Suddenly, this method makes it suitable to pay for goods and services online, including funding your gambling account.

There aren’t that many bookies which accept Fast Bank Transfer as a deposit option but all those listed above do and are highly rated in the site reviews section.

How to Use Fast Bank Transfer for Gambling

Using a fast bank transfer to fund your gambling account couldn’t be easier. It’s simply a matter of logging onto your bank’s website and looking for the section where you can manage your account online. Most banks these days have online banking facilities, and by using this it’s a fairly simple matter to set up a transfer. You also need to find out if your bookmaker accepts fast bank transfers. You’ll need to find the account number and sort code for your bookmaker. You will also usually need some kind of reference number (so the bookmaker knows which account to apply the funds to), this will usually be your membership reference number, but each bookmaker is different, so it’s best to check with them the first time

So, when you have logged into your online banking system, head over to the section where you can set up a new payment. You’ll need to create a new payment and add in the details for your bookmaker. Depending on your bank, you may then need to follow extra security steps to activate the payment. This can sometimes mean accepting an automatic phone call with a security code that you then type into your computer, but again these security procedures can differ depending on the bank you use.

Once this is done, simply tell your bank how much you want to transfer, and if all goes well, within a couple of hours, your Fast Bank Transfer will have processed and it will be added to your account.

Fast Bank Transfer Security Online

Nearly all fast bank transfers are set up and managed via your bank’s online banking system. You cannot do a fast bank transfer solely from your bookmaker’s website. For this reason, the amount of security is down to the bank you use and not the individual bookie.

This has some advantages, because it’s very difficult for someone to steal money directly from your bank account. Firstly, they would need to know your passwords, and most banks have tough security in place to make sure no one can break into their online systems. Of course, it does happen, but usually this is because the customer has been careless, or has fallen for a “phishing” attack on their computer. (This is where a false website is displayed, usually after clicking on a link in an email, that fools the user into entering their online banking details). This kind of crime has been around a while, and most online banking users are now wise to this practice and steer clear of dodgy looking emails.

Another advantage of course is that no part of the transaction takes place on the bookmaker’s site. You only need to know their account number, sort code, and your reference number, and after that everything happens on your online banking website. All online banking services are fully encrypted and use SSL (secure socket layer) technology to ensure privacy, so you’ll find that you are safe from any eavesdropping.

Fast Bank Transfer History

Fast bank transfers became a reality in May 2008, and are operated today by a number of the leading high street banks. Initially only a few banks signed up to the service, but now you can send a fast bank transfer from almost any bank. The scheme quickly took off once it was launched, and on the first day nearly a thousand transactions took place totalling half a million pounds. These days of course many more payments are handled every day totalling millions.

When the service first began, some banks decided to send out extra security devices to further protect customers. These were usually in the form of key fobs or small calculators that generate a special number that “authorised” the payment. These days however technology has moved on, and they are hardly used at all now.

In order for people to find out for sure if their bank (and the bank they want to send money to) supports the fast bank transfer scheme, a website was set up to allow people to check. This website is www.canipayfaster.co.uk. The site is still active today and anyone can check if their bank accepts fast payments simply by entering a sort code.

Fees Associated With Fast Bank Transfer Deposits

Fast bank transfers are an extremely efficient way of transferring money to your gambling account, and there are very rarely any fees involved. If your using a site that charges you fees find another one as the vast majority are 100% free.

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