Microsoft cortana nfl picks 2020

Microsoft cortana nfl picks 2020

Microsoft’s personal assistant is pretty smart and enables a diverse set of interactions, but best of all, it is continually updated. Cortana can be updated by Microsoft on the backend to enable new interactions. These interactions help Windows Phone users get the information they want quickly without sifting through links.

Cortana can tap into Bing’s ability to predict event outcomes of sport or entertainment competitions. Now Cortana can give insight to how contestants on Dancing With The Stars are doing. Cortana will respond with Bing’s prediction when asked, who will be eliminated, or who is safe, and even who will win Dancing With the Stars.

Cortana will also show the standings of major league sports teams in the US. For example, asking what are the Packers standings, will show how the Green Bay Packers are doing in the NFC North. Cortana also generates links to jump into the MSN Sports app and get more information about NFL standings. This also works for the NBA, MLB, and now NHL. Microsoft has also included information about NCAA football teams. Asking Cortana how your favorite NCAA team is doing will return standings or game score if a game was recent.

Adding the NCAA football, major league standings, and Dancing With The Stars are all an obvious evolution of the sport tracking and predicting function of Bing. Microsoft seems to be focused on adding functions to Cortana and expanding the existing capabilities. There are still missing features like package tracking and language support, but Microsoft seems to be giving Cortana the attention she needs.

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