Mlb all star game betting odds

MLB All-Star Game Odds 2020: Betting Tips, Predictions for Baseball’s AL vs. NL Showcase

American League or National League? That’s the question everyone’s asking entering MLB’s 2019 All-Star Game. Fortunately, we have the answer. But first, here are the latest Vegas odds on the MLB All-Star Game, courtesy of the fine folks over at

  • American League (-106)
  • National League (-104)

As you can tell, solid betting value is hard to find when working the moneyline section of MLB All-Star Game betting odds. That’s why you’ll want to focus on other areas of the game, in addition to predicting the winner, because it’ll help maximize your investment. We’ve got the lowdown on everything you need to do that:

  • MLB All-Star Game 2019 odds
  • Analysis of the biggest names
  • Predictions for the winner
  • Spread predictions
  • Predictions for the over/under

2019 MLB All-Star Game Betting Breakdown

  • When: Tuesday, July 9
  • Where: Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Start Time: 7:30 p.m. ET
  • Spread: American League (-1.5) vs. National League (+1.5)
  • Over/Under: 17 runs (even money)

Predicting The Winner of MLB’s All-Star Game

Cases can be made for both the American League and National League to emerge victorious. That’s the point of All-Star games: the prospect of what should be a relatively even, yet star-driven, playing field.

This year’s All-Star Game odds don’t clue us in on an obvious winner. Both the AL (-106) and NL (-104) are laying close to even money. Still, there’s a reason the AL has the ever so slight edge.

It starts with their track record. The AL has won each of the past six All-Star tilts. The last two are especially significant; their effort hasn’t waxed and waned despite MLB getting rid of the World Series stakes attached to the winner of the mid-summer classic.

This year’s squad has a good amount of returning players, and it stands to reason their interest in picking up the victory won’t subside.

It likewise helps that the AL is brimming with talented bats. This July’s lineup is dotted with the likes of Mike Trout, Gary Sanchez, DJ LeMahieu and Alex Bregman.

The resumes on this quartet alone are absurd. LeMahieu leads the entire MLB in batting average. Trout is sixth in total home runs while batting .300 and pacing the entire league in on-base percentage. Bregman, meanwhile, was last year’s All-Star Game MVP.

Some of the NL’s bats are bigger. Christian Yellich and Cody Bellinger are first and second, respectively, in the league in total home runs. But the AL’s strength lies in its consistency. They have guys who get on base. That matters.

The NL figures to be more dependent upon their pitching staff. Los Angeles Dodgers ace Hyun-jun Ryu will be at the top of the rotation, and he owns MLB’s lowest ERA among qualified pitchers. He will also be followed up by Max Scherzer. That’s the best one-two pitching punch we’ve seen at the All-Star Game in quite some time.

In the end, though, offense sells more in these superstar showcases. Pitchers specifically aren’t going to risk injury by throwing their best stuff consistently, and even if they do, their stints on the mound are much shorter than normal.

It can be hard to establish a rhythm, which by default favors the team with the more appealing offense.

OSB Winner Prediction: American League (-106)

MLB All-Star Game Over/Under Prediction

Our strategy when it comes to over/under bets in All-Star Games: Favor the over more often than not.

No one strategy is perfect. But these stakes-free affairs tend to favor offenses. Also, as players get friendlier with one another off the field, opponents are less likely to give it their all when pitching or fielding against them. Similarly, All-Star participants might try some trick stuff when it comes to throwing and fielding.

Add it all up, and you get higher run totals. This year’s over/under is set for 17 at even money. That number is high. We won’t deny that. It has also only ever been surpassed four times in MLB All-Star Game history. That doesn’t scare us. We like the over anyway.

If you’re looking to split your bets, you can wager on single-team over/under totals. Both the AL and NL are set for 8.5 runs at -120. Parlaying the over for both increases your potential return.

OSB Over/Under Prediction: Over 17 runs (even money)

MLB All-Star Game Spread Prediction

This year’s 1.5-run spread is pretty standard, but it definitely makes us like the American League better. They’re the favorite by 1.5 runs at +170. The odds suggest clearing that differential isn’t particularly likely. Perhaps that is true.

Then again, only two of the past 10 All-Star Games have been decided by one run or less. And during the AL’s winning streak, they’ve won five of their six midsummer classics by at least two runs.

Plus, if nothing else, going with the AL is just more of a worthwhile risk. The National League is laying +1.5 at -200. That moneyline isn’t worth your time. We’ve already established our affinity for the AL’s offense. How could we not with Mike Trout? It makes sense to bet on the AL.

Something else to keep in mind: Higher run totals invite steeper final-score differentials. So if you’re buying into our over-17 recommendation, you might as well throw some money on the preferred victor to win by at least two runs.

OSB Spread Prediction: American League at -1.5 (+170)

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